mercredi 8 février 2017


Delta Goodrem alimente toujours les colonnes des rubriques "people" pour son "dans la peau" d'Olivia Newton-John ! 
Le tournage du biopic qui lui est consacré semble déjà arriver à son terme ... 

J'espère que la vie d'ONJ sera résumé au moins dans 2 épisodes parce qu'en 90 minutes ... ça va être du survol inconsistant ... et de surcroît racoleur !


Delta gets physical

Herald Sun9 Feb 2017

DELTA Goodrem is in the final days on set of the Olivia Newton-John biopic, in the leading role of Olivia. Goodrem will start work on The Voice in Sydney next week, alongside Seal, Boy George and Kelly Rowland.
She will literally dump the Olivia wigs and head straight to the red chairs on the set of the reality show.
The biopic was shot in Melbourne and includes iconic events like Newton-John’s Let’s Get Physical video clip and the movie Xanadu.
Goodrem has the blessing of Newton-John (pictured together, below), who didn’t get a chance to visit the set. “It is a very strange thing for them to be making a movie about me, but I think Delta is a great choice, she is wonderful,” Newton-John told Confidential. 

It’s not clear yet when Channel 7 will screen the biopic; it could be later this year or early in 2018. Goodrem hopes to do more acting in the future, after a big 12 months in front of the camera and on stage — firstly with Cats, then Channel 9 drama House Husbands, and now the biopic.

Et dans le Courier-Mail australien du 9 février on pouvait aussi lire ceci :

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