mercredi 5 octobre 2016



Final hair touch ups with Olivia Newton John, getting ready to debut her new album LIV ON @fallontonight @salonsck #btssck #olivianewtonjohn

Ok kids, grab a chair & let's go back to 1978 in Philadelphia. 3rd grade at Performing Arts School. During lunch hour we were allowed to bring in our favorite record & eat/socialize to a soundtrack. From 76-79 I upgraded to 8tracks so my wax consumption slowed down a lil somethin'--I think I brought in #Switch's debut album (2 Debarge brothers/James Ingram's older bro & 4 other cats with the ability to "switch" instrument discovered by Jermaine & Hazel Jackson)--putting it light, they were THEE ish! My best friend & polar opposite Mark Rapp from Oklahoma (he looked like King Joffrey from #GOT but w a southern country twang) he chose to bring in the woman he'd one day marry (#OliviaNewtonJohn)'s ninth album #TotallyHot. His obsession w this woman puzzled all of us. Seriously, I mean she was on my radar w "Make A Move", "Mellow" & her Grease stuff, but it was like this dude's devotion was next level. He was relatively cool otherwise, but as 3rd graders you know we can be evil right? Find a weakness and we on it like white on rice. And NOTHING got this cat's goat more than you talkin smack about Olivia. Cut to 4 years later playing the FIRST Incarnation of the Donkey Kong game (you had 20 characters spaces to place your name on the high score instead of 3 for your initials on the version we all know)---welp I got the high score. & I decided to press my luck: Mark's back was turned & that gave me enough time to type "Olivia Rapp Sucks" all the school kids jeered "ooooohh!!!!" That gave me a 15 sec head start--grabbed my bag and ran---from Pine to Spruce to Locust---thought I I turned around..saw...the Tasmanian Devil tornado coming at me 30 mph. Mad AF! So I ran *pwwhen* walnut (he still chasing me), chestnut (still chasing me) cut a right 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th--dude it's 14 blocks later how mad is he!?---this mofo chased me to 5th & Market before he tackled me "Take It Back!....Take It Back!!!!"---*whap!* "Take It Back!!!!" It was straight outta a Christmas Story. I thought about Mark today when @theRealONJ sat in w us today. All those memories came crashing. Everything about 3rd grade. Today definitely did NOT suck. Thank U Oliiva!
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