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ONJ At the Mastercard Theatre, MBS on May 4th 2016


Olivia Newton-John's new album, Liv On, offers a path through grief

After 53 years in showbiz, a new, heartfelt album gives Olivia Newton-John time to reflect, and to look forward.
Neil McMahon

If you ask Olivia Newton-John to look back, she will often tell you it's not as easy as all that. There are many memories, many milestones, much to savour – but the past is another story. It's today that is essential. Of the landmarks in her storied life, she sometimes needs reminding. She once lost one of her Grammy trophies, but isn't sure which song it was for. As a rule, she says: "I'm not good with dates and names."

So many dates, so many names. And still they pile up. She celebrated her 68th birthday in Australia in late September. A couple of weeks later, in The Tonight Show studio in New York, ONJ was in the house and the host Jimmy Fallon was … well, pumped. "I'm so excited," he said at the kick-off. By show's end – when the pair joined forces for a spontaneous rendition of You're The One That I Want – Fallon was … well, even more pumped.

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