vendredi 11 avril 2014

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L'interview d'Olivia Newton-John pour la matinale de TODAY est en ligne sur leur site web et youtube. On pourra y apercevoir rapidement le groupe d'Olivia et de ce fait la salle .. à vide.

Olivia Newton-John returns to stage after sister's death: 'She wants me to do it'

Olivia Newton-John is thrilled to finally be opening her "Summer Nights" residency in Las Vegas, but as she told TODAY Friday, there was a very necessary yearlong delay in getting her there: the loss of her sister.

"I was supposed to start here a year ago, and I couldn't sing," she said, talking about how her sister Rona's death from a brain tumor in 2013 forced her to put her career on pause. "Which was the first time for me that I ever thought that I couldn't sing."

Time healed her wounds, though, and eventually the veteran singer and actress (known for her roles in movies such as "Grease" and "Xanadu") decided she could return to the stage. Her show at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino opened on April 8, and runs through the end of August.

"It's a life journey through my music," she explained. As for Vegas itself, "It's a fun place to be and it's the place everyone wants to be now, you know, as an entertainer."

And her fans are everywhere. TODAY's Natalie Morales noted that "I used to skate around my apartment and sing 'Xanadu' songs."

Proceeds from the performances will go to Newton-John's cancer and wellness center in Australia. The 65-year-old singer, who herself is a breast cancer survivor, said she feels her sister's energy pushing her to go on.

"I feel she wants me to do it," said Newton-John. "She always wanted me to sing, always encouraged me from when I was 15 to do that. So here I am, and yeah, it's going to be special."

Randee Dawn.



Lorsque Helen Reddy et Bobby Darin reprenaient IF NOT FOR YOU de .. Bob Dylan pour un show TV... ça donnait ça !

C'est grâce à Monsieur Easterling que cette chanson qui fut le premier grand hit d'Olivia Newton-John retrouve une place de choix dans le répertoire de la star !
Olivia Newton-John n'aimait pas cette chanson ... devenue avec le temps le titre préféré de son mari !

... hum .. lui a t-elle chanté quelques notes à sa manière le 10 avril pour son anniversaire .. elle aura préférée lui faire tourner la tête d'une toute autre manière en lui offrant le méga saut de sa vie à l’hôtel Stratosphère !!

John Easterling semble avoir gravi les 24 étages de l'hôtel Stratosphère de Las Vegas afin de tester le plus haut saut à l’élastique du monde ! 

A une vitesse incroyable, les "sauteurs" descendent près de 260 mètres de hauteur en seulement quelques secondes.

On ne sait pas dans quel état il a été réceptionné mais pour le coup .. on ne l'envie pas !

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