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Why Australia’s hopelessly devoted to Olivia Newton-John

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AUSTRALIA’S original sweetheart Olivia Newton-John may be 67, but she can’t recall being busier. It seems hard to believe for a woman who achieved mega stardom from the movie Grease and huge success from her album Physical.

But as we sit down in Melbourne, Newton-John has learned she is back in the charts after 23 years.

The remixed and rejigged version of her ’80s hit Magic from the movie Xanadu — which Newton-John recorded as edgy club tune You Have to Believe with daughter Chloe Lattanzi — is in at No. 19 on the Billboard dance club charts this week.

It was her 29-year-old daughter’s idea to write new verses and funk up the airy pop song, and the fact it made an impression on the charts is a little bit of sweet revenge on some reviewers.

Looking fresh and serene as she sits fireside in a boutique hotel, Newton-John is just “thrilled” to have helped Chloe on her performing way.

“I’m really excited for my daughter because I’ve been there (in the charts) before, but I never expected to be there again,” Newton-John says.

The fact that it was her idea and she wrote the new verse and I never would have done this if it weren’t for her, makes it very special; it’s the first time she’s ever been on the radio and the first time she’s been on a Billboard chart, so to do it with her is the icing on the cake.”


In fact, one of the reasons Newton-John is so loved by Australians may be her grace and staying power in the face of well-publicised adversity. Her passionate fans have never lowered their gaze — as she learns, still, when they pop up in audiences at her hit Vegas residency — and they have seen Newton-John travel an eventful path.

What does this loved artist — who launched it all from Melbourne — think is the secret to her enduring popularity and success?

Tenacity,” she says with that familiar, friendly laugh, “hanging in there. I think I’ve been really fortunate that people still come (to see her, currently at her long-running Vegas show at the Flamingo Casino). There are so many artists now and so many performers, and whether they will still be around in 20 years will be interesting to watch".

The fact I’m still here 40-50 years since I started — really, I’m very grateful. I don’t know that there is any secret other than that I think I’ve worked hard and I’ve worked a lot, on and off.”


Olivia Newton-John will on Sunday lead the third annual 4.3km Wellness Walk to raise funds for the Austin Hospital’s Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre. It starts at The Centre Ivanhoe, 275 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe, from 11am. Registration opens at 8.30am or register online at

ONJ will have a guest DJ spot on smoothfm 91.5 from 4-5pm on Sunday.



Legends in Concert, Las Vegas’ award-winning live tribute show, along with superstar & Flamingo Las Vegas headliner, Olivia Newton-John, have joined forces to launch the global search for the first Olivia Newton-John tribute artist.

Aspiring singers and ONJ fans are encouraged to submit a video of themselves singing a classic Newton-John song from any era via
Participants must dress up as the real life GRAMMY award-winning music icon, or one of their favorite characters she made famous such as Sandy from “Grease” or Kira from “Xanadu.”

One “Hopelessly Devoted” fan will be selected by the Aussie icon, winning a chance to perform at one of the Legends in Concert venues throughout the U.S. The lucky winner will be determined based on overall looks, mannerisms and vocal ability to match the star’s likeness. A prestigious judging panel including Olivia will crown the very first Olivia Newton-John tribute artist.

For fans who want to get “Physical” and enter the competition, but don’t sing, can enter a related contest via Instagram. Entrants can upload a photo of themselves dressed as Newton-John, tagging @LegendsInConcertLV and using the hashtag #OliviaIsALegend.

Further details on the contests can be found at

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