mardi 20 octobre 2015

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Golden girls ! Olivia Newton-John and her lookalike daughter Chloe Lattanzi attend Dancing With The Stars US

Looking at Olivia Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi side-by-side, there is no doubt the two are mother and daughter.
Olivia, 67, was spotted with her 29-year-old lookalike daughter Chloe as the pair attended a retro-themed episode of US Dancing With The Stars in Hollywood on Monday night.
Olivia opted for an almost all-black ensemble, donning a pair of red-striped black trousers matched with a lace bodysuit and an embellished blazer.

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New Sandra Dee Meets Old Sandra Dee! Olivia Newton-John, Julianne Hough Take Pic Together : Photo

Grease is the word! The original Sandra Dee, Olivia Newton-John and the Grease: Live Sandra Dee, Julianne Hough, took a pic together on Monday, Oct. 19, after the Australian superstar served as a guest judge on Dancing With the Stars.

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Dancing With the Stars Watch: Olivia Newton John Had to Watch Paula Deen Vogue

This week on Dancing With the Stars, the dwindling number of ersatz celebrities will do their best to emulate famous dances from movies and iconic routines from music videos. To help judge their famous-dance moves is famous dancer Olivia Newton John, ready to dole out scores and dish out criticism. Former Dancing With the Stars contestant Leah Remini is also on hand, standing in as host for Erin Andrews, who is busy hosting another sporting important called the World Series.

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