samedi 25 juillet 2015

The nicest 'insult' Newton-John ever received

By Doug Elfman
Las Vegas Review-Journal

And then there was the time Barbara Bush told Olivia Newton-John she was "ugly" — but calm down, political animals, it was a joke.

Newton-John told me this story after I asked her to name the most famous fan she ever met.

She went back in time to the day she was in the company of then-President George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush.

"President Bush said to me, 'Oh, it's so lovely to see you again, we had dinner.'"

Newton-John thought, "I don't remember that," which may have seemed odd, of course, except it turned out they had met when Bush was merely vice president, a more forgettable position, perhaps, to an Australian singer.

"So I go to his wife, and I said to Barbara, 'I can't believe that your husband remembered me from a dinner,'" Newton-John said.

Barbara Bush told Newton-John, "It's because you're so ugly, dear,'" Newton-John recalled and laughed.

"I've loved her from that moment on. She was gorgeous," Newton-John said.


Lors d'un dîner (on suppose) à la maison blanche la first lady Barbara Bush avait lâché à ONJ  "C'est parce que vous êtes si laide, très chère, que mon mari c'est souvenu de vous" !
ONJ ne se rappelait pas d'un précédent dîner avec les Bush .. Georges .. si ! .... étonnant !


- Top of the Top !

Un grand merci à Eddie O pour avoir téléchargé sur Youtube ces quelques vidéos de la célèbre émission anglaise Top Of The Pop avec une Neutron Bomb au top de sa beauté en 1980 venue défendre son film XANADU !

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