dimanche 1 février 2015

G'Day USA 2015

C'est la seconde année consécutive qu'Olivia Newton-John est absente des célébrations australiennes aux USA .. 
John Travolta, fidèle au poste était venu avec sa femme fouler hier soir le tapis rouge de la dernière édition du gala des G'Day USA édition 2015 !

Olivia Newton-John doit être très très occupée pour ne pas pouvoir s'y rendre ... 
La dernière édition a accueilli Nicole Kidman et son Husband Keith Urban, Scarlett Johansson, Naomi Watts, Rebel Wilson, Luke & Chris Hemsworth, Rachel Griffiths, Geoffrey Rush et Jacki Weaver.

- Explore 1978

Le Rolling Stone magazine met à disposition sur son site internet quelques vieux articles ..
L'interview consacré à Olivia Newton-John du 27 juillet 1978 est disponible en cliquant ICI !

La magazine américain ne lui avait pas consacré sa couverture à cette occasion .. c'est Patti Smith qui faisait la une .. sans doute un peu plus Rock'N'Roll attitude !



For the actress, it's no more Ms. Nice Guy

BY BEN FONG-TORRES | July 27, 1978
A story idea from our London correspondent, circa 1975: Olivia Newton-John. You are going to have to face this subject sooner or later. But this is a story that definitely should not be question-and-answer style, since Olivia in person is quite boring. She has virtually nothing to say. One of my friends took her out once, and even then she had nothing to say.

Olivia could understand. "I feel it must be strange for you interviewing me," she said between shows at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, "because I must be so alien to the paper. When I found out I was doing the interview, I thought, 'Why the hell would. They want to talk to me?' I'm so out of everything the magazine seems to represent."

Lee Kramer, Olivia's manager and longtime lover, had okayed the interview, but not before making a request that Rolling Stone be gentle with her.

"She's keen to sit down with any members of the press," he said in our first telephone conversation. "But sometimes they come to take shots at her and write that she has no range. One reporter came in and attacked her mentally, and that bothered her."

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- Riskiest look at the Grammy Awards

Dans la série les looks les plus risqués aux Grammy Awards le site E! Online aura retenue le look très coloré d'ONJ en 1987 ..

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