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Elle a célébré bien des anniversaires tout au long de sa vie mais il y en a un qui lui tient à cœur tout particulièrement ces derniers temps : GAIA Retreat, son Spa australien fêtera ses 10 années d’existence et de succès samedi prochain.
Newton-John est co-propriétaire de ce Spa avec Gregg Cave et deux autres amis, Warwick Evans et Ruth Kalnin. Tous prendront part aux célébrations ce samedi. 

La rumeur laisse entendre qu'Anni-Frid Lyngstad du groupe ABBA et quelques autres artistes internationaux seront les surprises d'un anniversaire qui fera date ..

La suite est à lire en anglais ci-dessous ...

Olivia Newton-John to celebrate health retreat Gaia's 10th birthday.

She's had a few special anniversaries during her 43-year career, but this Saturday Olivia Newton-John will celebrate one that's especially close to her heart. Her health retreat, Gaia, turns 10 and the music legend is hosting an invite-only Carnival celebration on the retreat's idyllic Bangalow grounds.

As she prepared to fly home from Florida for the party, Newton-John told S of her love for the spiritual place she discovered in 2004 when driving through the Byron Bay hinterland with best friend Gregg Cave.

"We have always felt my mother Irene's spirit at Gaia since Gregg and I first found it. She had passed only weeks before and we believed she led us to find this incredibly special property.

"She would be so proud of us to have come this far and that we have inspired many people to lead a healthier and happy life. We still feel her in all aspects of Gaia. Her photography is everywhere there - she was a gifted photographer."

Newton-John co-owns Gaia with Cave and two other friends, Warwick Evans and Ruth Kalnin. All will be taking part in Saturday's celebrations, joining global guests rumoured to include ABBA's Anni-Frid Lyngstad and some surprise international performers.

Newton-John can't wait to be back. "I feel like I'm home at Gaia. I try to get there as often as I can - at least three times a year," she says. "A few days there feel like a week. It restores and replenishes my being.

"I love walks on Samira Lookout, the highest point on the property - and the highest point in the shire. It is very spiritual; a beautifully peaceful place to contemplate."

At 66, Newton-John still spends much of her time traveling, performing and campaigning for health causes. The cancer survivor credits the retreat, built on ancient Aboriginal sacred ground, for her continuing vitality. "Gaia's nurturing spirit and ethos always stays with me, along with what I learn from our wonderful yoga teachers, healers and therapists," she says. "I always leave inspired and stimulated with ideas from our team - especially our wonderful chefs. We now also have our own certified organic skincare range, Retreatment, which I love. It's in my suitcase now."

The four friends and directors are looking forward to sharing memories at the party. Says Gregg Cave: "Comparing ourselves now to when we first embarked on our Gaia adventure, we really were stepping in to the unknown. None of us had done anything like this before. We were relying on gut instinct and wanting to create a space we could escape to for some time out. I think it's surpassed all our expectations. Ten years on we are thrilled with the knowledge that a visit to Gaia can really be life changing for so many of our guests.

"We feel blessed that as four people from very different walks of life, we have remained strong in our commitment to creating the best Gaia possible and also having fun along the way."

The Sydney Morning Herald.

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La folie londonienne pour la première de GREASE en 1978 .. ONJ et John Travolta écrasés par les photographes ..


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