mardi 25 juillet 2017


'She's doing wonderful !' Chloe Lattanzi confirms her mother Olivia Newton-John is on the road to recovery as she spruiks cannabis oil as powerful treatment on The Morning Show !

The 31-year-old announced the happy news, saying her mother was currently doing 'wonderful'.

Chloe credited retaining a positive mindset throughout treatment for her mother's recovery, along with a combination of natural and traditional medicine.

'She's doing wonderful, her and I we both think positive...she's taken care of herself and she's getting stronger every day,' she told hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur.
'She's doing really, really well.'


Chloe Lattanzi hit back at negative press surrounding her mother’s latest setback.

The tabloids are poison. I think it’s especially disgusting that when my mum, my family, were going through the hardest thing that a family could go through, these tabloid are using that to create negative stories,” she said.

"My mum and I are just like any other mother and daughter. Don’t believe anything that you read these magazines are trash. They are negative and they’ve made me cry. You try to block yourself out. You try not to read these things but it’s just negativity put into the universe and none of it’s true and I don’t respect people who do that for a living, I don’t.”

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En mode promo pour sa participation au 5ème volet de la serie SHARKNADO, Chloe Lattanzi réitère les bonnes nouvelles qui entourent la santé de sa mère Olivia Newton-John ! Elle a confirmé qu'elle était sur le chemin du rétablissement.

"Elle devient de plus en plus forte chaque jour" a t-elle dit aux animateurs du Morning Show australien !
Elle en a également profité pour tacler la presse people qui n'a de cesse de raconter des mensonges sur la relation qu'elle entretien avec sa mère ou sur d'autres sujets aussi sensibles !

Et dans la série "j'aime faire du buzz" .. on s'amusera de ses "stickers" collés sur son visage ...

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