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Olivia Newton-John est en couverture du SUNDAY HERALD LIFE écossais ! L'interview est aussi disponible sur le web : http://www.heraldscotland.com/arts_ents/15039626.Still_hopelessly_devoted__Interview_with_Olivia_Newton_John_ahead_of_her_Celtic_Connections_concert/?

Olivia Newton-John was born in 1948 in Cambridge, England; her father was an Enigma Code scientist who became a university professor. The family moved to Melbourne when she was five.

Her singing voice and good looks made her a natural for Australian television, films and pop groups. Coming to Britain she toured the clubs, worked hard, had the Dylan hit and landed the Cliff Richard Show, appearing every week alongside her friend. She had a string of hits and took off to America.

But did she hold it together during Grease, the 1950s American high school-set film, in which she starred alongside John Travolta? “Yes, because I’d been around for a while. [She was 30 when she played Sandy Olsson, the girl-next-door who becomes a vamp.] And I had my friends and my animals. But the invasion of privacy was nothing like young people have to deal with today, with social media.”

Newton-John is also relaxed about the ageing process. “I had breast cancer in 1992 and every year since then I’ve considered a gift. I’m not 70 yet, but I’m not far off.” She pauses and chuckles. “You know, I spoke to the guy who worked in the grocery store the other day and asked how he was, and he said, ‘Living the dream’. And he was, and so am I. But apart from when my daughter [Chloe] was born I’m having the best time of my life right now.”

Her voice is upbeat. You believe her. But what about the those performers of a certain age who choose to grow old disgracefully? Would Newton-John do a Madonna and have Playboy pictures taken in her vest and pants?

“No, it has never crossed my mind,” she says, laughing. “But good on her if she can do it.” But then Newton-John has never sought headlines. “I try to keep away from them.”

What helps survive showbiz, she says, is having a good support system, and supporting others. She certainly kept in touch with Cliff Richard during the two year-police investigation which was later dropped.

“Yes, of course. Your friends are your friends and you have to keep in touch. I adore Cliff and he was so badly treated and I’m so happy it’s been resolved. He’s an incredible person and all his friends rallied around.”

Olivia Newton-John cares. (We’re long past the 10-minute ruling.) Does she worry about the state of American politics, given Donald Trump has now picked up the keys to the kingdom? “I don’t talk about politics,” she says, nicely but emphatically. “It’s a landmine I’ve always managed to steer clear of. The only time I’ve been involved is when Al Gore was standing and I loved his environmental policies and stance against global warming.”

REA MORE AT http://www.heraldscotland.com/arts_ents/15039626.Still_hopelessly_devoted__Interview_with_Olivia_Newton_John_ahead_of_her_Celtic_Connections_concert/?

Une autre version, certes un peu différente de l'interview par le même auteur est à lire sur le site http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/entertainment/15040066.Interview_with_Olivia_Newton_John_ahead_of_her_Celtic_Connections_concert/#

• Glasgow Royal Concert Hall; Celtic Connections, Liv On, An Acoustic Evening With Olivia Newton-John, Beth Neilsen Chapman and Amy Sky, Tuesday at 7.30pm.

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