samedi 28 janvier 2017

BBC Woman's Hour

Multi-grammy award winning singer and actress, Olivia Newton-John, has joined up with fellow singer songwriters Beth Nielsen Chapman and Amy Sky to create a new album called Liv On. It's a collection of songs about grief, loss, hope and healing. The idea grew out of their own personal experiences. They join Jenni and sing live in the studio.


Olivia's band of survivors: Newton-John, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Amy Sky pack an emotional punch on album Liv On

The three singers behind this album of elegant country-pop have all overcome serious illness, turmoil or tragedy to keep their music careers afloat.
Olivia Newton-John and Beth Nielsen Chapman are both breast cancer survivors. Canadian singer-songwriter Amy Sky has battled publicly with depression and is an active campaigner on mental health issues.
The decision to share some of their stories in song is a bold one, and Liv On performs a delicate balancing act as it addresses challenging issues while exploring more universal themes of loss and hope.

The trio sometimes overplay their hand by tugging a little too heavily at the heartstrings, but all three singers are also subtle, sensitive songwriters whose words are capable of packing a hefty emotional punch.
Out this week, the album veers unashamedly towards the acoustic, singer-songwriter fare of the early Seventies. Its arrangements are dominated by easy-listening strings, tasteful piano and lilting, pedal- steel guitar.
But the vocal performances, underpinned by the trio’s spellbinding harmonies, are a passionate testimony to the healing power of music.
Olivia Newton-John is the most recognisable name here, and she takes the lead on four of the album’s 11 original songs.

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