jeudi 5 mai 2016

La quintessence

Pour clôturer la journée cette version raffinée du célèbre PHYSICAL interprété au Japon.
La version studio jazzy samba se cachait en bonus sur l'album (2) d'ONJ sorti en 2002 !

- Interview / Australian Office in Taipei

Presenting our very special May ‪#‎AskAnAussie‬ series: an exclusive interview  with Australian singer Olivia Newton-John , who will be coming to Taiwan soon to present one concert in Taipei on Saturday 7 May. We feel so honoured to have her take part in this interview, please feel free to share!

Q: You’re one of Australia’s best known artists, and travel all over the globe. What do you miss most about Australia when travelling?

A: I would say for sure my friends and family - and the bird song and the feeling of home!

Q: Everyone in Taiwan (and Australia) loves your role in ‘Grease’. Do you have a favourite song from the musical – anything you still find yourself humming in the shower?

A: I like all of them! LOL I don't usually sing my own songs in the shower but " Soaplessly Devoted" would work well!!😄

Q: You’ve been to Taiwan a few times now – you must feel at home here! What do you think are Taiwan’s most attractive qualities for visiting Australians?

A: Australians love to travel - I meet them all over the world. I think the different culture and food is always fascinating to us and the friendliness of the Taiwanese reminds them (and me) of home!

Q: Breast cancer, which you overcame in the 1990s, is the top cause of cancer death for women in Taiwan. Are there any messages you’d like to share with women in Taiwan?

A: I tell all women that they need to start breast self exams as early as possible. That is how I discovered my lump and it saved my life!

Q: Longevity in any career is difficult, particularly as a performer. What advice would you give to a young woman embarking on her career today?

A: Do what you love. Be yourself And, don't try and emulate another artist. There is already one of those!

Q: What advice would you give based on your experience if you could speak to your younger self?

A: I think it would be “don't worry so much!"

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