dimanche 25 janvier 2015

The top ten sexiest Aussie pop princesses in their naughtiest videos

Struth, mate - January 26 is Australia Day !

The official national day of Australia marks the date in 1788 when a British fleet landed on the Eastern coast of Australia which was then known as New Holland.
Over the centuries English people sent the continent tea, sheep and lots of unsavoury types (Australia was at one time a major penal colony).

Luckily, the lovely Aussies didn’t hold that unpleasantness against them too much and, in return, sent them a smashing series of sexy Sheilas.

To celebrate the proud day of they cobbers Down Under, the Sunday Express take a look at the hottest Australian pop princesses over the years.....

- Kylie Minogue

We have to start with the best bum in the business.

Whether she’s Spinning Around or seducing All The Lovers On A Night Like This, Kylie is the reigning queen of the crop.

- Natalie Imbruglia

Natalia was a bit more indie that the usual Aussie pop princesses – most famously on her angsty 1997 debut hit Torn.

But even she can’t resist flashing a bit of flesh in the 2009 video for Want.

- Tina Arena

Tina was always more famous for her big lungs than her overt sexuality on worldwide hits like Chains.

Like her old friend Kylie she’s a real pocket rocket who packs a hell of a pop punch – and she is looking pretty damned hot in her PVC for her recent reincarnation on You Set Fire To My Life from new album Reset.

- Olivia Newton-John

Ah Olivia, the first truly great Aussie pop star - even though, technically she’s english since she was born in Cambridge.

Liv has been both sweet and sexy over her forty year career.

Who can forget her lycra-clad loveliness in the Physical video?

But it’s her transformation from innocent Sandy to catsuited vamp in Grease that still stands the test of time.

Click here for The rest of the top ten !

A l'occasion du Australia Day le journal anglais The Sunday Express c'est amusé à dresser la liste des 10 princesses de la pop les plus sexy ! 
Elles y sont toutes ou presque .. d'Olivia Newton-John (la première .. même si elle est née en Angleterre) en passant par les soeurs Minogue et Tina Arena ..à Jason Donovan (???!!) presque aussi joli qu'une fille ..

Pour découvrir ce top 10 amusant cliquez ICI

Sa transformation dans le film GREASE restera à jamais gravé dans l'esprit de toutes les générations mais Olivia nous aura également coupé le souffle en 1980 lors d'une prestation pour un Midnight Special ...

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