dimanche 25 janvier 2015

Hopelessly Devoted To Olivia

En ce dimanche un peu morose .. on appréciera les jolis montages vidéos d'Eric Thigpen .. inspiré par la muse Olivia Newton-John !

- What about me ?

"What About Me?" is the title of a song first recorded in 1984 as a trio by singers Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes and James Ingram. 
The song was written by Rogers, noted producer David Foster and singer-songwriter Richard Marx, who had yet to achieve the fame as a musician that he would a few years later ("Right Here Waiting", "Now and Forever"). It was the lead single from Rogers' 1984 album of the same name.

Rogers has described "What About Me?" as "like a three-way love song...
Everybody involved said 'Hey, what about me?' I think it's a beautiful record." Originally the male and female parts not sung by Rogers were to be performed by Lionel Richie and Barbra Streisand, but after Richie backed out of the project, Streisand did as well. 

The second proposed trio of singers was Rogers, Olivia Newton-John and Jeffrey Osborne, but Newton-John began working on a duet with Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and decided not to do both projects simultaneously. Osborne had a conflicting schedule as well, so the line-up of Rogers, Carnes and Ingram was ultimately the one that recorded the song.

Kenny Rogers, Olivia et James Ingram.


Olivia Newton-John aurait du chanter "What About Me", cette superbe chanson composé par Richard Marx et produite par David Foster en 1984 pour l'album de Kenny Rogers !

Le projet initial devait voir le jour avec Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie et Barbra Streisand ! Sauf que Richie décida de ne pas y participer et du coup Streisand suivi ses pas .... 

David Foster, Kenny Rogers, Olivia et James Ingram.

On proposa donc le projet à Jeffrey Osborne et Olivia Newton-John ! Osborne avait des problèmes de timing et Newton-John commençait sa participation sur l'album Now Voyager de Barry Gibb ! La méchante rumeur laissait entendre que Barry Gibb .. un tantinet jaloux .. ne voyait pas d'un bon œil la participation d'Olivia à ce trio ! 

La chanson connaîtra un franc succès aux USA avec la participation de James Ingram et Kim Carnes. Le titre restera 2 semaines en première position du U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Singles

Barry Gibb ne connaîtra pas, hélas,  le même succès avec son duo Face To Face pourtant si joliment interprété ..

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