dimanche 28 décembre 2014

SAM...or The-ONJ-Waltz ...par excellence !

If you have ever been to an Olivia Newton-John Concert it’s not imaginable without her Triple Time Hit „Sam“. 

Although the Single didn’t chart in Germany in 1977 the Song was massively played by Radio Stations over here. It has the perfect Rhythm for studying Waltz at Dance Schools, which many of us visited during our Youth Days. 

"Sam" was originally written by John Farrar about his futur son called Sam. Sam Farrar (born June 29th 1978) nowadays works as a Songwriter, Producer and Bass Guitarist himself. 

Olivia often dedicates her Performance to all the Men named Sam in her Audiences, which is a lovely thing to do.

The Mid-Tempo Waltz Feel perfectly fits Olivia’s Voice and she repeated that Mood on her 1976 Album „Don’t stop believin’“ with the tearful Ballad "The last time you loved" (one of my personal favorites from that Album). 

Even 12 years later she proved with the David & David Composition „Walk through fire“, that the Waltz is a special vocal Way to express her smooth and passionate Timbre through Song.

For the die-hard Fans there’s a little Trivia about two different Recordings of SAM that are to find. If you listen very close at 2:58 on the "Don’t stop believin’" Album and e.g. at 2:58 on the "Back to Basics" Album you can absolutely hear a slight change in her Vocal Performance. Maybe this Difference must be paid to digital editing, but it certainly sounds like a different Performance.

SAM made a great Impression on the US and UK Charts peaking at No.1 on the US AC Charts, No.20 on the Billboard Charts and even at No. 40 on the Country Charts (no wonder, because John Farrar recorded the whole DSB Album with Olivia in Nashville !). It even charted at a markable Position No.6 in the UK. It took her three years after "I honestly love you" to hit another Chart Entry in the UK in 1977. SAM stayed over 10 weeks on the Charts in both Countries.

The 7“ Single was nearly released all around the Globe, because Olivia was known and established at that time, having had a solo Career for more than 6 years already.

In Europe the Song was released with a lovely front and back picture sleeve finding her 1972 self-written "Changes" on the flip-side. In the US, Australia and Mexico "I’ll bet you a Kangaroo" was issued on the b-side of the 7".

In Japan the Single got "Greensleeves" (from the Come on Over Album, which was usually chosen as the *b-side for "Don’t stop believin’“) on the b-side.

The most rare releases are the peruvian 7", because it’s the only 7" of SAM that has "Jolene" as a flip-side and the spanish Zafiro 7" promo has the most outstanding photo choice as a sleeve. In Spain they even decided to put "Love you hold the key" on the other side of the 7“.

SAM has definitely a timeless quality and it will forever rank in the Fans’ Top favorite ONJ Hit-List. 
Remembering her singing of that Ballad in the UK in 2013 she really nailed that Song and I am pretty much sure she loves to perform that one.

Many foreign Artists had recorded their own cover Versions of SAM. One very unique one is Petula Clark’s 1977 recording in french !

Looking at Olivia’s Greatest Hits releases there’s not a single one that has left out SAM, just because it is one of her Greatest Ballad Hits until today.

Kay au rapport !


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