samedi 6 décembre 2014

Cabaret Jazz

During Wednesday night’s Composers Showcase at Cabaret Jazz, “Jersey Boys” cast member Buck Hujabre took the mic and said, “I can’t believe I am about to sing this song in front of Olivia Newton-John.”

Then he sang a composition about what it feels like to be a penis.

The song was composed by Angela Chan (a notably nutty artist who has performed for myriad Vegas shows, including “Jersey Boys” and “Ka”), and indeed Newton-John was in the room, laughing it up with her husband, John Easterling. It was a late night but a great night, as Newton-John introduced her band from Flamingo Las Vegas, led by music director Dane Bryant and backing singers Steve Real and Marlen Landin. It was the second superstar visit of the year at Composers Showcase, following that of Priscilla Presley in January. There was a time when the Composers Showcase was a fully underground affair. But as Newton-John said from the stage, “This is great! I feel like I am in New York !

Source : LasVegasSun.

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Elisa Dease Fiorillo est venue, hier soir, rendre une petite visite à l'une de ses chanteuses favorites : ONJ

Elisa est peu connue en France .. seul les fans de PRINCE se souviendrons de cette adorable chanteuse ...

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