lundi 1 décembre 2014

An Honorable Visitor From Japan

If I Remember Correctly I Had My First Contact With Naoki Sawada Back In 1988.
Another Fan From Germany Introduced Us And We Started Writing And Exchanging Vinyl Records And Other Memorabilia Of ONJ. Sibylle, I Had Met During The Zamu Showcases In Cologne (2009 and 2010). 
We Live In The Same City And She Had The Pleasure Meeting Naoki Way Back In The US In 1999 and Had Also Visited Him In Osaka During Her World Travel in 2012/2013.

It Happened This Year That Naoki Planned A Trip To The UK In November And He Luckily Included A Short Visit To Dortmund (Germany) From November 29th To December 1rst.

Sibylle And I Picked Naoki Up At Our Local Airport And Welcomed Him With Beer And Muffins And Full Sunny Weather Around 2 pm. 
Every Time When I Meet ONJ Fans It Feels Like A Somehow Familiar Happening. Even If There Are Barricades In Languages There’s Music And So Much More That Connects Us J

We Drove Naoki To The City Centre And Visited Our Famous Christmas Market With That Huge Tree (Which Is Made Out Of Around 900 Small Single Trees Actually...). We Chatted, Laughed, Had Some Hot Wine (Non-Alcohol Of Course!) and Some German Sausages With Mustard. 
Although The Market Was Very Crowded We’ve Managed To Show Him A Few Cultural Things Within And Around The City Centre. When The Evening Approached Sibylle Was So Kind To Take Us To My Flat By Car. 

So Funny To Welcome These Guys To My Home. It Was Time For A Coffee/Tea Break And While Chatting We’ve Created A New Word For A Famous German Cookie: The Nutcorners ;-) (Nussecken In German). 

Naoki And Sibylle Flicked Through Some Of My Collection (Especially Las Vegas Items That Arielle Presented Me A Few Months Back. (Kisses For You Again My Angel At This Point!!). And Naoki Presented Me A BlueRay From That Wonderful For TV-Taped Concert Of Olivia In Japan 2003. We Played It Right Away. What A Treat !

The Next Step Was Sibylle’s Impressive Flat Above The Roofs Of Dortmund. From Her Balcony We Could See The Lights Of The City And Quite A Nice Overview Of The Town ! 
As The Perfect Guest Host She Is She Served Us Some Pizza And Drinks. While Sibylle Was Busy In The Kitchen Naoki And I Started Looking Through Some Of Her ONJ-Clippings. 
Great Stuff By The Way, Of Which I Hadn’t Seen Quite A Lot Never In My Life Before !! 
Besides Dinner Sibylle Suprised Us With A Funny Grease-Sing-A-Long Action Package That A Friend From The US Gave To Her. 

Really Funny And Rare For Us Over Here In Europe. I’ve Presented Naoki and Sibylle A Rare ONJ DVD-Bootleg And Naoki Got A Special Rare Promo He Was Searching For. 
And On Top, Because It’s >World Aids Day< I Made A Funny Mock Up Picture Of Me With Olivia. 
In 2013 A Famous German Singer Did That Campaign With One Of Her Fans And This Inpsired Me For This Year’s World Aids Day J.

Thanks To Digital Media We Kept Listening To Some Olivia Music And Watched Youtube Clips And We Chatted For A Few Hours.

Sibylle Gave Me A Lift Back Home So I Could Re-Fresh My Energy For The Next Day. I Took The Subway To Her Place On Sunday Morning And She Drove Naoki And Me A Little Outside Of Dortmund. 
First We’ve Visited Our Local Soccer Stadium And A Soccer Fanshop. The BVB Dortmund Team Features A Famous Player From Japan Called "Shinji Kagawa"! 
After That We Drove To Our Own Little „Las Vegas“, Which Is Called „The Casino Hohensyburg“ And We Also Showed Him An Emerperor’s Statue Next To The Casino. From There We Had A Nice View Over The River „Ruhr“, Although It Was A Bit Misty That Day.
Sibylle Knows A Lot Of Special Places Around Here, So She Took Us To An Amercian Coffee Lounge Called „The Road Stop“. 
The Time For Me With Our Japanese Friend Was Running Short, So I Was Dropped Off At My Home Shortly After The Coffee. We’ve Hugged, Said Goodbye And I Went To Another Appointment Right Away. 

In The Evening My Husband And I Did A Little Video Conference With Naoki And Sibylle To Say Goodbye Again.
I Must Admit I Felt Happily Lifted At This Weekend. Naoki Is Such A Nice And Friendly Man And Easy To Get Along With....And So Is Sibylle ! 

We Had A Blast And Will Remember This Special Visitor From Japan For The Rest Of My Life. What A Great Opportunity To Meet Another Fan Whom I’ve Known For So Long And Who Got Me So Many Special Items During My Fan-Life! 

Thank You Naoki For Being Here And Thank You Sibylle For Making Everything Comfortable, Funny And Just Perfect ! 

Merry Xmas And A Peaceful New Year 

Phenomenal Women

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