lundi 16 juillet 2018


disneysfairytaleweddingstv @therealonj surprises Christina and Jarrod with an unforgettable performance.
Don’t miss it tonight at 8/7c on @Freeform. #DisneyWeddings


STUFF I DID IN THE 80’s: “You’re the One That I Want” 👉 I was crushing on Olivia Newton John in 1980. Not as her incarnation as Sandy, the goody-goody-turned-juvenile-delinquent in “Grease”, but as Kira, the muse in “Xanadu” know, the movie where she’s rollerskating all over downtown LA dressed in a curtain. Here’s why I loved her: 1. She entered the Prime Material plane through a mural and was a muse to artists (that’s me). 2. She was magic. Like, she glowed in neon colors and sang a song letting you that she was magic and nothing could stand in her way. 3. She could transport you into a Don Bluth cartoon with the snap of her fingers. 4. She was a time traveler. Whether she was a crooner in WW II, a fun-loving cowgirl, a sultry MTV rocker or a cosmic alien queen from “Flash Gordon”, Olivia Newton-John was made of awesome...until she cut her golden tresses for her “Physical” album. Somehow that broke her spell over me. I then fell in love with Stevie Nicks. 👈 #justlikeawhitewingeddove #olivianewtonjohn #xanadu #tonyditerlizzi #sketchaday #ilovethe80s #1980
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