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Alors que la mini serie OLIVIA : HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU n'a pas encore été diffusée ( elle le sera dimanche prochain en Australie !) vous pouvez pré commander le DVD dont la sortie est prévue pour le 6 juin !

Le DVD est en zone 4 ..

Merci à Kay pour l'info !

Olivia Newton-John is Australia’s most successful solo artist ever, selling over 100 million albums worldwide and winning multiple awards including 4 Grammys. Now for the first time her extraordinary journey from 15 year old Melbourne singer to international superstar is celebrated in this two-part mini-series, brought to life by ARIA award-winning vocalist/actress Delta Goodrem.

From her chart topping singles and movie debut as Sandy in Grease – the movie that catapulted her into superstardom – to her marriage to Matt Lattanzi and cancer diagnosis, this is the incredible story of our Livvy, Australia’s sweetheart and world treasure, the artist everyone is hopelessly devoted to and honestly loves.


NW7 (new weekly )
May 2018

We’ve got chills and they’re multiplying, because Delta Goodrem is about to step into those black leather pants and bring Olivia Newton John’s story to life on the small screen! Yep, the biopic will detail the Aussie icon’s life from her teen years into her Grease days and beyond! “

“I grew up with Olivia’s energy and beautiful voice e in my world through her music,” says Delts. “I am deeply humbled to play my idol and friend, and I am truly excited to share with people, a part of Olivia’s life story.”

Olivia Newton John: Hopelessly Devoted To You airs 8.30pm Sunday on Seven

Morgan Griffin on starring as Olivia Newton-John in the upcoming biopic: "She was a joy to play !"

In the opening minutes of Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted To You, Olivia (Delta Goodrem) is enthralled. She turns to her Grease co-star John Travolta (George Xanthis) and asks, "How did I get here?"

How indeed? This is the story of Olivia's astonishing rise from the suburbs of Melbourne to international stardom.

"Olivia is an inspiration for generations," Delta, 33, enthuses.

While the Aussie songstress plays the role of Olivia for much of the Channel Seven miniseries, it's rising actress Morgan Griffin who portrays her from the ages of 16 to 22.

Morgan, 25, believes the series captures the honesty and warmth of Olivia, as well as the positive energy the superstar exudes to this day.

"I think she's honest and always true to herself," she tells TV WEEK. "She has this amazing energy, and is so creative and generous – I think that's amazing.

"We all tried to capture that and I think we've done a great job."

Olivia's story starts in Melbourne in the 1960s. The teenager is starting to get noticed thanks to singing on television. She often performed alongside her best friend to this day, Pat Carroll (Georgia Flood).

But on this occasion, she's singing solo on talent show Sing, Sing, Sing. It's a big opportunity for the youngster as she sings the classic, "Anyone Who Had A Heart". Incredibly, Olivia takes out the TV competition.

The prize is the chance to cut a single with the famous Decca Records in London. Olivia is on her way.

Morgan found it a thrill to play the young Olivia and to get to know more about the Aussie icon.

"I'm a really big fan, but I didn't know a lot about the earlier stage of Olivia's career," she says.

"It was exciting to do all the research, learning about the music, her story and the wonderful period that was the 1960s.

"It was just a fun, light and positive energy on set. Olivia was a joy to play."

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