mardi 1 mai 2018


Le petit message d'ONJ en soutient aux futurs DANNY & SANDY du StudioTenn Theatre dans le Tennessee ...
On aura percuté sur le bout de fausse fourrure en léopard derrière ONJ ( :-) )

Et Delta Goodrem en mode "vocalises" pour quelques notes de XANADU qu'elle reprend dans son nouvel opus ..



The Courier-Mail
1 May 2018

DELTA Goodrem has released new images of her transformation into superstar Olivia Newton-John for Channel 7’s upcoming biopic.

The images feature in artwork for Goodrem’s cover of the star’s 1974 hit, I Honestly Love You.

They show Goodrem in various eras, including Newton-John’s marriage to Matt Lattanzi in 1984. Goodrem has also recorded a duet with Newton-John, Love is a Gift, that will feature on the biopic soundtrack.

It comes after Newton-John said she was “horrified” by the biopic in a Women’s Weekly interview last week. But speaking of Goodrem, Newton-John said: “I couldn’t think of a anyone better to
 play my life”. “I respect Delta a as a person and as a an artist. I love her  voice. she has an amazing range. and whoa, she does things vocally that just take my breath away.”
Goodrem said: “Having “Olivia as a friend for all these years has been such an incredible gift. From a young age, she was an artist I admired and looked up to.”



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Grease : My brother (Brendan), sister (Dannii) & I would re-create the routines in the lounge as kids. I wanted to be Olivia Newton John, obviously. My sister played Rizzo in an arena tour of Grease years later and that says it all about the two of us. I’m the blond one and she’s the tough dark one. Although those roles do change, that’s the surface. Sometimes I’m the Rizzo to her Sandy.

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