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Delta Goodrem emulates Olivia Newton-John wedding

Fiona Byrne, Herald Sun
May 5, 2018

AFTER a failed engagement to Irish singer Brian McFadden and a string of relationships that have not gone the distance, Delta Goodrem is finally having a dream white wedding.

These exclusive pictures show Goodrem as she had never been seen before — as a beaming bride taking the ritual walk of love down a garden aisle. Goodrem’s wedding joy is a result of the Olivia: Hopelessly Devoted to You telemovie in which she portrays Australian music icon Olivia Newton-John.

Goodrem and her co-star Richard Brancatisano recreate ONJ’s romantic 1984 wedding to dancer Matt Lattanzi in the Channel 7 drama, which starts on Sunday.

While Seven is hoping to reel in a big audience, one person who won’t be watching is Newton-John.

“I probably won’t watch it. When they told me they were doing it, I was horrified, because despite the fact that I’m well known I’m kind of private and my private life, even though it gets into the papers, is not something I want to talk about,” she told the Australian Women’s Weekly.

“I worry about the people in my life. It’s not their fault they were married to me or were my boyfriend, so I didn’t want it to happen. But then I realised it was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not.”

Newton-John said she originally did not want Goodrem to take on the role.

“In the beginning she called me and asked, ‘Shall I do it or not?’ First I said, ‘I’m not sure,’ and then I said, ‘Oh you do it’,” she said.

Goodrem’s past beaus include McFadden, tennis player Mark Philippoussis, singer Nick Jonas, former host of The Voice Darren McMullen, actor Blair McDonough, rugby player Drew Mitchell, and musician Matthew Copley.


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