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GREASE sera donc à nouveau disponible dans une nouvelle version remasterisée et décliné sur 3 supports ... demain !

Son réalisateur Randall Kleiser est un peu sollicité ces derniers temps ...

* 'Grease' turns 40: Carrie Fisher as Sandy, Rydell High's location, missing scenes, and more burning questions answered

As Grease turns 40 this June, and with the release of the new Grease 40th Anniversary Blu-ray, we caught up with Kleiser for answers to some burning questions about the beloved film starring John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, and gang.


On pourra regretter qu'il n'ait pas pu réaliser la scène avec ONJ trempée sur la chanson "It's Raining On Prom Night" .... 

What were some scenes that didn’t make the final cut?

There were a couple of other numbers the director had planned that didn’t make the cut. He had originally envisioned a take on the song “It’s Raining on Prom Night” that would reference Singin’ in the Rain: “I absolutely love that song and wanted to do it like ‘Singin’ in the Rain,’ with Olivia walking through a rain-filled street and having the rain come down on her and mess her all up. I thought it’d be funny to have her singing through the lyrics about the mascara running down the face. I thought, ‘Oh, that’d be fun to show.’ But Allan Carr said, ‘No way you’re going to have Olivia look like that in the movie.’ So he nixed it and we couldn’t do that.”


* 'Grease' turns 40c ! 7 things even the hopelessly devoted might not know

Kleiser wasn't sure Olivia Newton-John could pull off the sexier side of Sandy.

The pair had originally met at singer Helen Reddy's home, and while Kleiser liked her she was very much like the sweet, innocent Sandy. "She's exactly the way you see her on film," he said. "It was hard to imagine her as this sex kitten. But oh, boy, did she acquit herself. When she came out of the trailer to show me the outfit and the hair I was blown away. I had no idea who she was."



* ‘Grease’ continues to win new fans as 40th anniversary nears

Almost 40 years after ″Grease″ arrived in theaters, the musical film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John has easily solidified its place as a pop-culture classic.

In honor of the milestone, the candy-coated saga of first love, first cars and lustful teenagers returned to theaters for a few days this month. In June, fans will gather at the Hollywood Bowl for the annual ″Grease″ sing-along. And most notable, Paramount Home Media on Tuesday will release a 40th-anniversary edition of ″Grease″ on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and digital.

The new release will feature full restoration of the print, improved sound, loads of previously released material and a handful of fresh extras, including interviews, the original song to which the title sequence was animated and an alternate ending salvaged from the original black-and-white, 16-mm work print discovered by director Randal Kleiser.


Il y a peu ... John Travolta confirmait qu'il travaillait depuis des mois avec Olivia Newton John sur un projet de réunion de « Grease ». "On va en effet fêter les 40 ans du long métrage le plus rock'n'roll et kitsch de tous les temps".
Une source déclarait à un journal quelconque que le duo iconique reprendrait les rôles. John Travolta, quant à lui, s’était contenté de dire «Oh, on a de gros projets».»

John Travolta ne pouvait rien annoncer : «Je ne peux rien annoncer pour l'instant. Dans deux semaines, donc tenez-vous prêts. Je pourrais pleurer rien qu'en y pensant. Vous allez adorer !», expliquait John Travolta.
L'acteur était soit disant tenu par le secret, il sait semble t-il mettre l'eau à la bouche des fans.... mais juste l'eau !!

ET DONC ??? ...

En marge du 71e Festival de Cannes , 32 longs-métrages qui ont fait l'histoire du cinéma seront projetés.
Plusieurs comédiens de renoms sont attendus sur le tapis rouge ou au cinéma de la plage lors de cette édition qui célébrera aussi le 50e anniversaire de 2001 : L'Odyssée de l'espace et le centenaire d'Ingmar Bergman.

Une projection publique de GREASE en présence de John Travolta himself sera diffusé lors du Cannes Classics. Le publique pourra vérifier s'il a gardé un peu de son légendaire déhanché.... et Olivia Newton-John .. viendra t-elle fouler le célèbre tapis rouge ??

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