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ONJ one-track promos / cd-singles

Taking a look on rare ONJ radio promos and cd-singles we come across some really nice items which have been released to radio stations and such over the years. 
Many collectors still seek for several items, because as soon as they pop up on e.g. eBay as soon they are sold out. 
Some of those have beautiful cover sleeves others stay without sleeves due to the fact they were produced for radio channels and DJ’s.

The first one I ever knew of, after cd’s had replaced vinyl, was the promo cd of „Can’t we talk it over in bed“ (MCA CD45-17673). Although it’s fore-runner „The Rumour“ did make it as a single on vinyl, tape and cd this follow-up remains a hard to find promo on compact disc.

Spirit of the forest“ was an all-Star production recorded in 1989, whose proceeds were used saving the tropical rainforest. The song appeared on several compilation sampler cd’s over the years and was even released as a promo cd-single in the US in 1989. But it took six more years before a one-track promo was released in the US (Rhino Records ‎– PRCD-7128).

1992 saw the release of „I Need Love“. The single was planned as Olivia’s big comeback release after a long break with motherhood and environmental engagements. But it was her first breast cancer diagnosis that kept her from touring, although she did extensive promotion for this single in the US and Europe during the first half of 1992. 
Mercury UK did release a one track promo back then (MERCJ 370).

Returning to the recording studio and promotional trips in 1994/1995, Olivia did release her first singer-singwriter production „Gaia – One Woman’s Journey“, which stays as one of their favorites amongst fans until today. 
CMC Records d# in Scandinavia promoted „No matter what you do“ as a one-track cd-single in early 1995 (CMC Records ‎– 24156-2-1). The follow up „Don’t cut me down“ saw a one-track promo cd in Australia on the Festival label (PRD94/86).

EMI released the ONJ/Cliff Richard duet „Had to be“ to british radio stations as a one-track promo in November 1995 (CDEMDJ 410). The song reached chart No.22 in the UK.

Signing back to MCA-Nashville, after a 5 years contract with Geffen Records Olivia’s first promo release was „Falling“, a lovely duet with the Raybon Bros. The song also saw a video release to promote the album of the Raybon Brothers. (The album failed chart success and the Raybon Brothers were released out of their contract soon after). On the very rare one-track promo cd of „Falling“ the song repeats three times (MCA5P-72029).

1998 was the 20th Anniversary of Grease and in many countries „Summer Nights“ and „You’re the one that I want“ had been re-released as cd-singles. „YTOTIW“ made it as a one-track promo in the UK then (Polydor ‎– GREASE1).
1998 also was Olivia’s return to Country Music big time. MCA Nashville lavishly produced four one–track promo cd-singles for the album „Back with the heart“.

1. I honestly love you (MCA5P-1029)
2. I honestly love you (Remix) (MCA5P-72053
3. Back with a heart (MCA5P-72074)
4. Precious Love (MCA5P-72047)

All the MCA-Nashville promos repeated the songs three times.
Festival in Australia also released „ I honestly love you“ as a one-track promo (PRD 98/15)

The same year Olivia participated in two charity recordings. The country flavoured „One heart at a time“ (Atlantic ‎– 84117-2) was an official cd-single and the pop-flavoured „Love souldn’t hurt“ made it as a single and also as a one-track promo cd (Qwest Records ‎– PRO-CD-9519).

Although it was pulled the last minute before official release „Physical’99“ had been released as promo on two different 12“-singles and a radio edit has been released as one-track promo cd on MCA in the UK, May 1999 (WMCSTD-48112).

Marking the Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremonies as one of her career hightlights Olivia also participated in the relay of the olympic torch back in 2000. The album cd of the opening ceremonies was hard to obtain outside Australia back then. A one-track promo cd of Olivia’s duet with John Farnham called „Dare to dream“ (BMG Australia Limited – PROCD21144) is even harder to find nowadays.

Becoming friends with Pianist Jim Brickman during her 1999 „One Woman’s Journey Tour“ Olivia guested on Brickman’s TV Special „My evening with“ in march 2000. Their composing collaboration „Change of heart“ has been edited for a one-track promo cd-single which was released on Windham Hill Records (WDJ-11579-2) and even found a review in Billboard Magazine on december 2, 2000.

2002 saw another very successful year for Olivia with her duet cd (2), especially recorded for the aussie market with mainly aussie performers. Outstanding were her duets with the late Johnny O’Keefe and Peter Allen. 
As a homage to Peter Olivia recorded his home-sick ballad „Tenterfield Saddler“ as a duet with him. 
Standing out as one of the best songs on the album „Olivia (2)“ this song was released by Festival as a one-track promo as well (pro Olivia2).

The next promo isn’t really a promo. „Instrument of peace“, which later appeared in a different mix on Olivia’s 2007 „Christmas Wish“ album, had been sent out to work- colleagues, friends and radio stations during the christmas season in 2006. 
It doesn’t have a cd number – only a matrix number: ONJ Productions 10-87260-LJ23.

RCA/ Sony BMG Music Entertainment in Japan did release a one-track promo of „O Come All Ye Faithful“, Olivia’s duet with the late Elvis Presley in 2008. 
Since this was marked as a CD-R there’s no promo or matrix number available.
Also with only a matrix number is Olivia’s most recent one-track promo cd called „Stone in my pocket“ featuring her singing/composing collaborators Beth Nielsen-Chapman and Amy Sky. It was given to radio promoters in the UK when the three singers did their short „LIV ON“ Tour over there early in 2017. (Universal 5303 157 RC 30754).
I am pretty sure there are many other one-track promos out there, but some might never see the light of day (on eBay and such). So let’s watch out for those we know about...



On peut apercevoir par ici ou par la-bas quelques photos d'Olivia ... grâce à sa fille !

ONJ profite de la vie avec sa famille, ses amis, des animaux ... en marge d'une radiothérapie pour vaincre son cancer ... et honnêtement .. j'aimerais la savoir heureuse et en très bonne santé loin des sunlights de la gloire !

Elle est a un age ou elle devrait justement P R O F I T E R !  Son héritage musical est assez vaste pour nous tenir au chaud le reste de nos vies ....

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