samedi 12 août 2017


DJ/Producer , owner of "Guy Scheiman Music" record label.
Based in Tel Aviv, Guy Scheiman is known for his high-energy sound that combines house, progressive, tribal and tech house with strong melodies and memorable vocals.
His live sets are all about energy beats, combining old and new school vocals that ignite his dance floors and create euphoric experiences.
His official remixes and original productions stand out as massive club anthems with big bass line, driving grooves, passionate melodies and memorable breaks.
Here is his latest new version of  PHYSICAL !

Covering Olivia Newton-John's hit song "Physical" from 1981, Scheiman's 2017 version gives this classic a high energy interpretation fitted for main room dance floors.
"Let's Get Physical" features the Israel based singer Michal Shapira, Scheiman's primary vocalist on his most recent releases.
With Remixes by Ozkar Lugarel & Rubb LV, GSP, Yan Bruno, Shlomi Mor and division4.

Le célèbre PHYSICAL d'Olivia Newton-John vient d'être revisité par le Dj/Producer israélien au physique avantageux : Guy Scheiman !

C'est très" boom boom" mais c'est très efficace sur un Dancefloor !

Vous pouvez écouter les différents mixes du monsieur ci-dessus et un bootleg réalisé en 2009 avec la vraie voix d'Olivia Newton-John ! Je préfère quand c'est la voix d'ONJ !!

Sinon de manière officielle .. il y a toujours celui de Tracy Young ..

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