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How Olivia’s WINNING the fight of her life

Celebrity news Olivia Newton-john has revealed how she is defying the odds and “winning” her second battle with breast cancer

Woman’s Day (Australia)24 Jul 2017

Olivia’s daughter Chloe shared her mum’s cat pic to show she is ‘doing great’.

Chloe Lattanzi was so happy to hear her mum’s amazing news last week that she confirmed Olivia Newton-john is “doing great” on her Instagram feed. “Just wanted to let you all know how well she is doing,” wrote Chloe, 31, beside a photo of kittens her mum sent her from a wellness centre in Atlanta, USA, where she’s slowly recovering from gruelling radiation therapy.
Friends were thrilled too, to find out Olivia, 68, is on the mend after her shock cancer diagnosis last month – 25 years after her first battle with the terrible disease.
“One of her doctors has told Olivia he’s ‘quietly optimistic’ because her treatments were done so soon after her diagnosis,” reveals one friend, who says this has inspired the brave star to maintain her fighting spirit.
“This particular cancer – in her sacrum – is not an easy one to get rid of and can be quite aggressive, but with the right treatment it can be kept under control.
“And Olivia feels what she’s doing is working, definitely. She calls it the ‘double punch’ because she combines traditional treatments like radiation with her wellness therapies. Mentally, Olivia is feeling extremely optimistic.”

Her husband, herb company CEO John Easterling, 65, is also devoting all his energy to helping his “soulmate”, telling everyone, “We’re hoping this will be a miracle healing,” as a fatigued Olivia works to regain her strength.
“John is such a positive person and he’s by her side, even though he has a lot of work commitments,” says the friend. “He’s dropped everything to be with her 24/7. They are a great team and he’s loud and proud about having faith that everything is going to end well for Olivia.”


Olivia just completed four weeks of gruelling radiation therapy in California, before retreating to the healing centre in Atlanta, where she’s apparently embracing natural medicines and treatments, as well as meditation, to help her recover.
“Olivia’s putting great faith in the ‘double punch’ strategy, but she’s not doing anything radical to get better, just following doctors’ advice to the letter,” her mate says. “She’s definitely feeling exhausted, but that’s natural at this stage of her recovery. And while she’s constantly tired, Olivia’s already talking about her plans for the next year or two and even beyond that.”
The friend tells us she’s planning on coming to Australia for the gala dinner in Melbourne in September to raise money for her own Cancer Wellness & Research Centre at the Austin Hospital.
“I honestly don’t know how she dusts herself off all the time and maintains an unshakeable belief that everything will be OK. Olivia amazes everyone around her.”
The singer was forced to postpone her US and Canadian tour dates after receiving the shock news that her breast cancer had returned – after initially seeking medical help in April for recurring back pain.


“Olivia knows so much about the whole journey of cancer and getting through it, and not just from her own experience,” her friend explains. “She’s gained so much knowledge through her own cancer centre in Melbourne and she’s always been so involved, meeting patients and talking to the amazing doctors at the centre, that she has an incredible understanding of this disease.
“She’s witnessed firsthand what works and what doesn’t and how people cope, and she has always felt and believed that a positive attitude is key to getting well again. Every time we speak, she’s 100 per cent positive.”

‘Olivia’s already talking about her plans for the next year or two and even beyond that’

Certes, il y a toujours les bons amis qui dévoilent des "soit disant" vérités cachées ... l'article du Woman's Day reste respectueux sur le combat d'ONJ contre le cancer .. !

Le DailyMail résume également cet état de faits ..

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