vendredi 2 juin 2017


Olivia Newton-John est atteinte d’un cancer du sein. C’est la deuxième fois que les médecins lui diagnostiquent cette maladie. Mais selon sa fille, Chloe Lattanzi, la star de « Grease » vaincra une nouvelle fois le cancer grâce à un traitement à base de cannabis.

Dans une récente publication Instagram, elle a déclaré : « Je voulais vous remercier pour votre amour. Ma mère et ma meilleure amie ira bien. Elle utilisera un médicament dont je parle souvent. L’huile CBD ! Il a scientifiquement été prouvé que le cannabis peut empêcher les cellules cancéreuses de se développer. Elle utilisera également d’autres remèdes plus modernes. Le cancer est une maladie de notre génération et c’est mon rôle et celui de ma mère de battre ce monstre. »

Et nous, nous ne pouvons que soutenir Chloe dans cette nouvelle épreuve ... 



Honestly Loved: Olivia Newton-John Talks Dream to Cure Cancer, Gay Adoration & How She's 'Here and Still Going'
'I Really Care Deeply For Cancer Patients, Having Gone Through It Myself.'


"My dream is to see an end to cancer in my lifetime," Olivia Newton-John told me at the end of April, just weeks before announcing that she'd been diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer that has spread to the sacrum bone in her back. The entertainer and "Grease" star first battled breast cancer in 1992, and lost her sister to brain cancer in 2013. She turned her personal loss into a universal catharsis on her October 2016 release, "LIV ON," a collaborative album featuring singer-songwriters Beth Nielsen Chapman and Amy Sky.

Scheduled as a preview for her summer tour, which has since been postponed due to her health, Newton-John was in good spirits during our recent interview. Expectedly, the 68-year-old Aussie singer-actress exuded warmth and humility - and, as she reflected on queer-aligned moments in her career, from the "Physical" video to her lesbian role in "Sordid Lives," the kind of charming laughter that's made her one of the most approachable icons of our time.

"I love you guys," Newton-John said, doting on her vast gay following. "You're so loyal and lovely to me, and I appreciate you."

I told her we honestly loved her back, and we talked about her professional highs and personal passions - and how the cancer she is now suddenly battling is what she's determined to help cure.

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