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Un grand merci à Nancy Gould Chuda pour les mots et les images rassurantes de son amie Olivia Newton-John partagées sur son compte Facebook !



Farnham has more than a little faith in his friend Livvy

The Advertiser1 Jun 2017

JOHN Farnham has revealed Olivia Newton-John has told him she is confident of beating breast cancer a second time.
Newton-John announced yesterday that what she believed was sciatica was breast cancer that metastasised to the sacrum (lower back).
The 68-year-old had been experiencing severe back pain during her US tour, which is on hold while she undergoes a mix of photon radiation and natural wellness therapies.
Farnham, a long time friend and musical collaborator, had been in touch with Newton-John after she shared her health battle with him.
“I’ve spoken to Olivia in the last few days, and, as always, she is very positive,” Farnham said.
“She told me she is feeling good and confident of a total healing. The love and support from family and friends as well as people in general is enormous comfort to her.
“I’ve also spoken to Dr Cebon at Olivia’s Wellness Centre, and he tells me that her positivity is a great asset to her and if anyone can beat this she can.”
The singer’s management said Newton-John was “confident she will be back later in the year, better than ever” to finish her concerts. Fans were instructed to check her website for rescheduled tour dates.
The star first suffered from breast cancer 25 years ago and has since used her own experience to promote awareness of the disease.
Newton-John has released several “new age” albums and she makes frequent trips back to Australia to promote her Cancer and Wellness Centre. 

Olivia’s shock new battle
Singer faces cancer for second time

The Courier-Mail / 1 Jun 2017

OLIVIA Newton-John’s famous friends are convinced the singer will beat her second battle with breast cancer.
Newton-John announced yesterday what she believed was sciatica was sadly breast cancer that metastasised to the sacrum, the triangular spine bone between the two halves of the pelvis.
The 68-year-old had experienced severe back pain during her US tour, which is on hold while she undergoes a mix of photon radiation therapy and natural therapies. Her management says the singer is “confident she will be back later in the year, better than ever” to finish her concerts. 

Tina Arena joined the legion shocked by the news. “Olivia has been a dear, dear friend for a long time,” she said. “She’s given so much to the fibre of this country and also to the world. She is a fighter. Australia will rally behind Olivia, the world will rally behind her ... and that love will make her move forward.” Arena said Australia could show its support by donating to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne. 
Delta Goodrem, who plays Olivia NewtonJohn in an upcoming Channel 7 miniseries, called the singer her hero. Yesterday, Goodrem posted that she was: “Sending my deepestpest love and support to my hero, friend and mentor Olivia as she starts treatment. . If there is one person that embodies hope and healing, it’s’s Olivia.”

Molly Meldrum, whose friendship with Newton-John stretches back to the ’60s, said that the singer was one of the music world’sd’s mostliked performers.
Olivia is one of the nicest people in the industry and one of the most talented,”  he said. “She’s also very brave and very strong. She doesn’t like too much fuss being made about her, but I’m sure she’ll get through this just as she did before.” 


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