mercredi 5 avril 2017


On sait par ou est passé Olivia Newton-John ... hier, elle a rendue visite à son ami Marie Osmond .. le temps d'un selfie et plus .. à Las Vegas (?)

Marie Osmond : @olivianj so great to see you yesterday! Our selfie with Teddy 🐶.

Demain soir, ONJ débute sa tournée made in USA au Verizon Theatre :


Olivia Newton-John will make ‘magic’ Saturday in Biloxi

Q: Do you have any plans to make another record? Is there a producer you would like to work with?

A: Maybe. I’ve worked with David Foster, and John Farrar has been my longtime producer — he produced all of my biggest hits. I’m always happy to work with John again if he wanted to.

I don’t know what’s next, really. I always think this is the last thing I’m going to do and then something interesting comes up. I enjoy the freedom I have in my life, but it was also nice to have a record company build you up and build careers. It’s very difficult now. It’s a very different world, but I’ve enjoyed both the record companies and doing my own thing.

Q: You’ve always had crossover success with pop and country music — “If You Love Me,” “Please Mister Please” and even “A Little More Love” from “Totally Hot” — do you consider yourself more of a pop singer or a country singer?

A: I’m a singer. I sing all kinds of music and I love them all. In my show, I take you on a journey through all of that music. I felt very fortunate that I like all of my songs — I’m very lucky that I don’t have to sing a bunch of things I don’t like.

Q: After the success with “Grease” and “Totally Hot,” did you ever worry about being overexposed?

A: I think I’ve always felt blessed and fortunate. I took measures to make sure that I wasn’t overexposed. I didn’t take on too many things at the time to where people would be sick of me.

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Olivia Newton-John

IP Casino Resort Spa at 850 Bayview Ave. in Biloxi

8 p.m. Saturday

Tickets start at $60 and are available at

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