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“I Honestly Love You” Olivia Newton John Count Basie Theater Red Bank NJ

Review: Clearwater fans remain hopelessly devoted to an ageless, courageous Olivia Newton-John
Admit it, we all had a thing for her. Most of us still do.

Olivia Newton-John plays Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, Florida on April 20, 2017.

Ask anyone who grew up in the 1970’s (and the 1980’s as well, for that matter) which fair-haired, Australian female vocalist owned radio, TV and silver screen markets and the answer is quite obvious. The gorgeous, golden-locked singer that was just about everywhere for that timespan is Olivia Newton-John. Whether dominating country music radio airwaves through the early days of her rise to fame or through her blockbuster appearance in the 1978 high school musical Grease until her days of pseudo-new wave experimentation in the early 80’s, Olivia and her beaming smile and likeable image made quite an impact.

Fast forward through many decades and the multi-talented entertainer, now 68, has retained a loyal, faithful fan base that enables her to still tour the globe and attract sell out crowds around the world.


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Olivia Newton-John charms Sharon audience with trip through her catalog of hits


Olivia Newton-John is eternal.
The iconic performer was on display in all her musical and physical glory Sunday during a sold out show at The Sharon.

At 68 – blonde, trim and stunning—Newton-John can still cast the reflection of Sandy, the virginal-sexpot from “Grease.” She flashed slinky aerobic moves while singing “Physical,” and played a tempting disco queen on “Magic.” She possessed the alluring look of an urban cowgirl on the song “Let Me Be There.”
And she can still deliver a ballad like “I Honestly Love You” that touches the heart.
But the real highlight of this 75-minute concert came during an encore, with a riveting performance of “Over the Rainbow.”
The song will forever belong to Judy Garland but on this night, Newton-John put her own, emotional stamp on the standard.

Newton-John seems so perfect and ageless, it’s hard to believe that she coped with adversity.
“Everybody has challenges,” Newton-John said from the stage. “My biggest challenge was breast cancer in 1992. I had a rough time and I returned to live on my farm in Australia.
“One night, I had a terrible anxiety attack. I woke up in the middle of the night and I got out of bed and sat at my little electric piano. I wrote a song that summed up how I felt about beating cancer or anything else.”
The song is “Not Gonna Give Into It,” and it has become a cancer-survivor’s anthem, with the lyric, “In the end, it’s all up to me.”
Newton-John sang the song with a Latin beat and combative passion. You had the feeling that nothing can stop this determined woman.
Newton-John took the crowd on a musical tour of her career that spans a half-century.
“Hello Villages,” she said at the start of the show. “How lovely it is to be here. I’m going to be showing some videos and singing my old songs; I hope you remember them.”



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