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Atlanta Music Scene
Olivia Newton-John talks music, social media and ‘Grease’ reunion
By Melissa Ruggieri
Cobb energy performing arts centre

Q: Would you say your Vegas residency was a fulfilling experience?

A: I loved it. It was really wonderful to be in one place and have a home and my husband and my animals with me.

Q: I know that scheduling didn’t work out this year (Newton-John shared the Donny and Marie Showroom at the Flamingo), but are you looking to return next year, even at a different venue?

A: I don’t know. Life evolves and I try to never say never. But I don’t have plans for it.

Q: I saw that Vegas show and you look fabulous. How do you keep not only your body in shape but your voice as well?

A: I do try to get enough rest and I’m married to “Amazon” John (Easterling, founder of Amazon Herb Co.), so he brings me stuff, lectures me on nutrition and health (laughs). I don’t drink or smoke. You do have to really take care of yourself, but that’s a bonus in life. I do have to be careful (Newton-John survived breast cancer in the early ‘90s) and that’s a reminder. I love to walk and hike around the property. I don’t live show business. I have a family life with chickens and dogs and horses.

Q: I’ve always loved “Xanadu” and “Twist of Fate,” but the poppier/disco-y songs always seemed to be maligned when people talk about your incredible catalog. How do YOU feel about those songs?

Et la réponse que j'adore ... 

A: I think all of my songs are very good songs. I have pop songs and ballads, and I try to get them all in the show. It’s a journey through my life. If I didn’t like them, I’d stop singing them. There’s only a couple that I don’t sing — one is the Eurovision song (“Long Live Love” from 1974) because people didn’t know it.

ONJ ne chante pas que pour ses fans ..mais pour un publique bien plus large ... il y a tellement de chansons qu'elle ne chante pas et qu'on adore ... et qu'elle n'aime peut être pas chanter après tout ! et c'est dommage ! Au final ses concerts se ressemblent toujours un peu .. à l’exception de la tournée LIV ON !



Quelques vidéos d'ONJ, hier soir au Verizon Theatre At Grand Prairie, Texas !

Les autres sont à découvrir sur le compte de Jeff Newman que nous remercions au passage !


Deeper Than the Night
Make a Move on Me / A Little More Love / Twist of Fate
Have You Never Been Mellow
Please Mr. Please
Let Me Be There
The Promise (The Dolphin Song)
Don't Cut Me Down
Not Gonna Give Into It
You're the One That I Want
Hopelessly Devoted to You
Summer Nights
We Go Together
Grace and Gratitude
I Honestly Love You
Over the Rainbow

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