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Un grand merci à Kay pour l'article du dernier magazine ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY !

Olivia Newton-John y raconte quelques anecdotes sur ce qui fut LA chanson de la fin d'année 1981 aux USA : PHYSICAL !


Quand notre bon ami Kay est publié officiellement dans le magazine 24/7 .. à propos du LIV ON album ...


Music and grief. This connection might remind most people of funerals, churches and graveyards where pieces of Ludvig van Beethoven or Frederic Chopin can be heard. But at least since „Born to live“ by Unheilig stormed the german charts in 2010 more and more popular music is used during mournings. Songs that were specifically composed for grieving are new territory.

„LIV ON“ reflects the dealing of own personal loss in a unique way. Canadian composer Amy Sky, whose mother died from Cancer. Beth Nielsen Chapman, who lost her first husband to cancer in 1994 and survived breast cancer in 2000. And Olivia Newton-John, australian Songstress, breast cancer thriver and Grammywinner, whose older sister died very suddenly from a brain tumor in 2013.

For the mourning of Newton-John’s sister the singer composed the song „Live on“ together with Amy Sky. Relatives and friends of the family felt the urge of more music to overcome the loss and so the idea of „LIV ON“ was born. But his album is far away from appearing sad or depressing. It takes the listener more into a mood, where every kind of grief can find a place. No matter if it’s anger, despair, pain or even the power to live on. All these emotions come full circle on this CD that restrains from loudness or over-instrumentation.

„Stone in my pocket“ reflects the coping with loss in a powerful way. Always carrying this pain with you, sometimes like a grain of sand and sometimes like a boulder. It’s there forever.

„Don’t know what to say“ has been written from the piont of view of a mourning person. How time becomes irrelevant, surrounded by a feeling of numbness while family and friends keep hugging and crying. A melancholic speechlessness while facing death and despair.

Amy Sky invigoratingly sings on „I will take care of you“ about the full life circle of a mother/daughter relationship, in which the role of the caretaker is taken over by the daughter in the end.

Beth Nielsen Chapman takes the listener back in time on „Sand and Water“ when she’d lost her husband. Although suffering from a timeless and numb feeling she fights for her own life to live and raise a child on her own.

And Olivia Newton-John dedicates her warm and heartfelt composition „Grace & Gratitude“ to her late sister and parents.

„LIV ON“ is no sad music, but it’s not a happy album either. It’s a compassionate compilation of songs about farewell, grief and living on. The singers take us in a contemplative place, letting ourselves chose our own way of dreaming, crying or just listening. Always perfectly in tune they present smashing harmonies („My heart goes out to you“, „Immortality“) wether as a solo or as a trio the results are more than worth to listen to.

Furthermore „LIV ON“ offers a worldwide community project in Australia (www.onjcancercenter.org) where people from all over the globe can exchange their own experiences with loss, illness, grief or any kind of personal crisis. It’s supposed to help coping with loss and paying tribute to beloved ones.

The CD and digital download of „LIV ON“ were released to the german market on october 21 in 2016 on the Universal/OBA Productions Label (EAN 0641444178124).

LIV ON Website: www.livonmusic.com

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