mardi 25 avril 2017


Four-time Grammy Award-winner Olivia Newton-John will present a two-part documentary series on her 50-year music career (15 and 22 May, 10-11pm, produced by Just Radio). Olivia discusses her early days as a backing singer for Cliff Richard, her foray into country music and dancing with Gene Kelly. Contributors include Cliff Richard, The Shadows’ Bruce Welch who co-produced her early albums, and songwriter John Farrar who wrote many of her greatest hits.

Olivia Newton-John said: “I'm thrilled to be presenting these special shows on Radio 2 to reflect on my 50-year career in the entertainment industry - time sure does fly when you’re having fun !”

Joli mois de mai : Olivia Newton-John présentera un documentaire sonore en 2 partie sur la BBC Radio 2 ! Le documentaire reviendra sur ses 50 années dans la musique et sera diffusé les 15 et 22 mai prochain ...


En 2010 Alison Goldfrapp déclarait : "I love Olivia Newton-John. Probably because I feel like when I look at her, she's completely the opposite of me: she's kind of sweet and lovely and looks really innocent and fresh and gorgeous, and she's probably really nice and wholesome.
"I'm the complete opposite!" she laughs.
GOLDFRAPP est de retour avec un nouvel et splendide album SILVER EYE dont est extrait ce nouveau titre SYSTEMAGIC !

On a pas oublié sa superbe version d'un PHYSICAL joliment revisité

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