mardi 14 mars 2017

The music of Olivia Newton-John will ‘Liv On’

Ou la coupure du Web !
Très jolie chronique sur l'album LIV ON et la musique d'ONJ ! 

By Rush Evans

The opening lines of the title track from Olivia Newton-John’s latest release, “Liv On,” are as hopeful and positive as the entirety of the musical career of one of the most beloved recording artists of the last 40 years. Gone is the dismissiveness of the so-called too-soft pop music of the ‘70s. Her music has stood the test of time. It has endured, and I can prove it: When this Goldmine contributor makes a Facebook post that says simply, “I just hung up the phone with Olivia Newton-John!” it is met with a barrage of hundreds of loving comments and excitement with reignited memories of glorious pop songs in the minds of music lovers of all ages. It’s 2017, and who doesn’t love Olivia Newton-John?

Olivia has stayed on the same positive journey throughout her career, and “Liv On,” a concept album by Olivia and two other like-minded songwriters (Beth Nielsen Chapman and Amy Sky) on the grieving process, is another beautiful installment in her canon of work. It would have been very easy for the delightful pop singer behind “Please Mr. Please,” “If You Love Me (Let Me Know),” and “I Honestly Love You,” to either disappear by the end of the decade from which she sprang or simply work the oldies circuit singing only those songs. Instead, she chose to continue creating, to use her acclaim for the greater good in other areas like cancer research, and yes, to keep those early songs alive, not as nostalgia, but as timeless gems that new generations need to hear. And as hard work and good fortune have it, the voice behind them is still strong, still distinctive, still unmistakably Olivia.

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