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Olivia Newton-John’s three-year Flamingo run is done

Olivia Newton-John ne pourra semble t-il revenir à Las Vegas pour une résidence à mi-temps avec Donny & Marie Osmond à cause d'un planning très chargé ! 
Selon l'article du Las Vegas Review Journal, ONJ est très occupé .. elle est en tournée aux USA jusqu'au mois de mai .. 
La star serait en train de plancher sur un nouvel album ( what ???) et un nouveau film (??? what what ??) devrait donner des concerts en Australie à la fin de cette année et en Angleterre ( ça c'est déjà fait ?? ) .. c'est sure qu'avec tout ces projets ONJ n'est pas prête de revenir à Las Vegas en 2017 .... à suivre !!! 

Transmissions from VegasVille, where “Grease” is — no, was — the word at the Flamingo and a mayoral triumvirate hits Paris Las Vegas:


Olivia Newton-J0hn announced her residency at Flamingo Las Vegas in grand fashion in April 2014, arriving on the Strip in the flame-painted ‘49 Mercury Convertible from the movie “Grease” and a bunch of Chippendales in tow.

ONJ’s departure carries no such flourish. Her “Summer Nights” series, helmed expertly by music director Steve Real and his great backing band, ended in December sans fanfare. Her publicist Michael Caprio said Sunday that Newton-John’s 2017 schedule could not align with the hotel’s showroom availability.

ONJ alternated dates with Donny and Marie Osmond in the Donny & Marie Showroom, and is currently on tour through May, with plans for shows in the U.K. and, possibly, an arena tour of Australia by year’s end. (She’s also working on a new recording and a movie project, and has planned time off in July and August).

During her time on the Strip, Newton-John was active in cancer-prevention charity efforts, becoming a city and column favorite. Hopefully “Summer Nights” — or a variation — can find a new home in ‘18.


By J.P. Anderson | March 6, 2017 | People

Olivia Newton-John has sold 100 million albums, won a fistful of Grammys, and has a place in pop culture history for her turn as Sandy in the film Grease, but her most lasting legacy might just be as an activist: When not touring to support projects like her new album Liv On, she devotes herself to causes ranging from the environment to children’s rights to cancer. In an exclusive chat with Michigan Avenue, Newton-John recently took a break from her busy tour schedule to dish on Liv On, her iconic film roles, and what inspired her to film a video message for Chicago’s own Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Bear Tie Ball.

The new album is unique in that it specifically addresses notions of grief and loss. Why is this project important to you?
OLIVIA NEWTOWN-JOHN: I lost my sister Rona a few years ago very suddenly, and it was a big loss. My way of healing has always been through music, so I started writing a song to sing to her friends and family. My friend Amy Sky, who had produced my record Grace and Gratitude, helped me finish it, and we were talking about the fact that there really isn’t music specifically for people who are in grief. I got such a strong reaction from that song, we thought, why not just do a whole album on it? And we invited Beth Nielsen Chapman, who [had written] this amazing song called “Sand and Water” after she lost her husband, so she was totally in sync with us.

What has the response been?
ONJ: Wonderful. We get a lot of letters from people. Also, we did three shows in Europe before we did our American tour, and we decided to try a section where we’d ask people to share their stories, not knowing that in Europe where they’re a little more quiet and reserved whether they would. But they did. They wanted to share their stories of moving through grief. We recorded the title song with my hospital in Australia, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Center—I’m very proud that it has my name on it—in Melbourne. We wrote the song to make people aware of the Center and also help people heal; on the website people can share their stories of living on and help somebody they don’t even know, someone else in the world. It’s been a wonderful work of passion for us all.



Quelques videos de la performance d'ONJ hier soir a Orlando pour le Mardi Gras !
Merci à Don schultz pour ses vidéos partagées !

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