dimanche 22 octobre 2017


Ces dames du LIV ON Tour et leurs bracelets .. crées spécialement !


Le dernier Woman's Day australien s'est fendu d'un nouvel article sur Olivia Newton-John et le fait qu'elle pourrait bien devenir grand-mère ...
Comme il n'y a pas de fumée sans feu ..


With her daughter starting IVF treatment and the prospect of a grandchild on the way, the Grease star couldn’t be happier

Woman’s Day (Australia)
23 Oct 2017.

Olivia poses with her newborn daughter not long after giving birth. The duo have always been tight-knit.
There wasn’t a dry eye in Olivia Newton-john’s house when her daughter Chloe Lattanzi broke the news to her mum she’s trying for a baby with her fiance James Driskill, and they’ve even started IVF treatments. “Olivia has been nagging her daughter for years to give her a grandchild or two,” tells a close friend of the family. “But Chloe has always said she was too young and having too much fun to be tied down by kids, and she didn’t want a pregnancy to mess up her body.”
However, friends say Olivia’s devastating cancer news in May – when the much-loved singer revealed she was battling breast cancer again after 25 years – was a wake-up call for Chloe, 31, who has completely changed her attitude about starting a family.
“It dawned on her she might lose the person she relies on most, and who means more to her than anyone in the world. She wants to make her mum happy and give her the chance to enjoy having grandchildren,” tells the source, adding Olivia is “thrilled” at the prospect of Chloe and martial arts expert James, 33, making her a grandma, and can’t wait to meet her new grandchild.
Now Chloe has finally made the decision she’s ready to have a baby, friends say the impulsive daughter of Olivia, 69, and Matt Lattanzi is getting frustrated at how long the process is taking.
“Chloe is naturally worried her previous struggles with anorexia and addiction might be hurting her chances,” says a friend, despite the fact doctors have advised there’s no reason why she couldn’t conceive.

“They’ve told her to be patient, but Chloe, being Chloe, can’t wait to be a mum,” says the friend. “She’s so determined to have a baby, she’s been to see fertility doctors in Oregon and LA and started IVF treatments in the hope of speeding up the process. And, who knows, if it all goes well there’s a chance she’ll have twins.”
The hopeful mum-to-be has even been telling friends and family she can’t wait to be pregnant and have a big baby bump, despite her past struggles with body image.
“Chloe says she’s going to pose nude and show her pregnancy belly off in its full glory on social media,” laughs a close family friend. “She’s also talking about getting married to James after all these years. But when they do tie the knot, she wants it to happen just before the baby is born,” reveals the family friend. “Then, she can march down the aisle in a big white wedding gown and proudly show off her belly.”
And while Chloe and Olivia haven’t always had the easiest relationship – and often squabble like cat and dog – both hope a baby will bring them closer than ever. Chloe can’t wait to get her mum’s advice on parenting and go baby clothes shopping together.
On top of the baby news, Olivia revealed in August her cancer treatment is going well. She’s “feeling good and enjoying total support”.
And with the prospect of a tiny bundle of joy on the way, it looks like the future is full of exciting adventures for the iconic singer and her beloved family.
‘Chloe’s going to show her pregnancy belly off in its full glory’




Ou l'Instagram du jour


Olivia Newton-John soutient à sa manière le mariage pour tous !


KAY : "Score - A Hockey Musical“ has been released on DVD region 2 in The Netherlands in 2014.
The "Making Of“, which was found on the canadian DVD is unfortunately not included, but the Film Trailer is on.
Amazon does sell it for about 10,-€. It’s been released on bibi-Films, Catalogue Number 229-7529.

(Quand à l'historique des artistes .. ils se sont un peu planté avec Barbra Streisand qui jouait dans MEET THE FOCKERS 2 / Mon beau-père mes parents et moi .. pas ONJ ! On pouvait entendre juste quelques minutes de PHYSICAL ! )

samedi 21 octobre 2017


Le tweet retro ... de la chaîne RAGE .. ou comment Olivia Newton-John a eu plusieurs vies ! THE Neutron Bomb en 1985 avec SOUL KISS... avant de se relooker en maman madame tout le monde 4 ans plus tard pour Warm & Tender  !

rage‏ @rageABC

So good. #watchingrage #1985 @olivianj

vendredi 20 octobre 2017


The Source's Mike Balsom spoke with Amy Sky, Olivia Newton-John and Beth Nielsen Chapman during their "Liv On" concert stop at The FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines.

jeudi 19 octobre 2017


2 messages Instagram .. ONJ backstage et en mode shopping à Toronto !

amyskymusic : Backstage in St Catharine's last night ! Looking forward to the show at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre tonight. Almost sold out but a few tickets left so come on down! @therealonj @beth_nielsen_chapman

bejeweledbybeth : Look who dropped in for a visit today! The lovely Olivia Newton-John! 🌺

mercredi 18 octobre 2017


Le "Comic Book" américain dans la série Female Force et dédié à Olivia Newton-John sera, semble t-il, re-édité au mois de novembre prochain, avec une cover légèrement modifiée ... très peu en fait ..


BACK TO 1974

Et merci Paulie B pour la photo !


Vu dans le dernier MARIE CLAIRE anglais ...

Après la version WEB voici donc la version papier en remerciant vivement KAY !


Une jolie "review" du concert donné hier soir par le trio LIV ON !

Sisters in survival Olivia Newton-John, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Amy Sky encourage at The Mac
Posted on October 14, 2017 by Andy Argyrakis


francinebellperformance / Me & the lovely Olivia Newton-John

mardi 17 octobre 2017


Les téléspectateurs d'une émission anglaise sont choqués ... par l'apparence de Stockard Channing !
L'actrice est aussi de retour sur la scène du West End londonien !

Il y a près de 40 ans l'actrice Stockard Channing a trouvé la gloire grâce à son rôle de Rizzo dans Grease. Jouer l'impertinente Pink Lady lui a valu une place spéciale dans le cœur de beaucoup de gens et le film reste encore un favori du genre depuis quelques décennies ... encore ... après sa sortie en 1978.

L'actrice était venue sur le plateau de l'émission anglaise LORRAINE pour parler de son nouveau rôle dans la pièce Apologia. Les téléspectateurs étaient bien plus intéressés par l'apparence de l'actrice qui a désormais 73 ans !

En 1978 Madame Channing avait déjà 33 ans et a réussi à tous nous berner pour son rôle de Rizzo !
Les jeunes générations ont bien du soucis à se faire sur le fait de vieillir ... moi à 73 ans j'espère être aussi bien conservé ! ..c'est juste que les fans "que de" RIZZO ont oubliés que Stockard a eu une vie professionnelle bien remplie ... et surtout qu'elle vieillie comme tout le monde .. et surement mieux que monsieur ou madame tout le monde   !

Elle... avec beaucoup d'humour et de recul : "Je suis la plus vieille adolescente vivante du monde! Les gens viennent toujours à moi, mais maintenant c'est drôle car ils ont tous des téléphones avec caméra."

lundi 16 octobre 2017


Le "Peter Pan" de la pop made in UK, aka Sir Cliff Richard sort en Angleterre une nouvelle et nième compilation contenant 38 titres dispatchés sur 2 CD.
Bien sur on y retrouve son duo légendaire avec l'iconic Olivia Newton-John, SUDDENLY de la B.O XANADU !
et l'un des 2 titres non remastérise de cette compilation ! Étrange ....

Néanmoins le chanteur qui vient de célébrer ses 77 ans regorge de projets et assure une nouvelle tournée anglaise...

This title will be released on November 10, 2017.
Pre-order now.



Etrange aussi que Cliff & Olivia aient si peu enregistrés de duos pour leurs albums respectifs ... alors que leurs voix se marient à merveille ...


Le 16 octobre 1976, MCA & Olivia Newton-John annonçaient la sortie du single EVERY FACE TELLS A STORY !
Single extrait du nouvel album DON'T STOP BELIEVIN' !



Un grand merci à Michael pour ses vidéos !

samedi 14 octobre 2017


A voir cette jolie galerie de photos sur Flickr, souvenirs d'un concert donné au Fantasy springs Casino le 6 octobre dernier ...



On November 17, it will be yesterday once more with A&M Records and UMe’s release of a new vinyl box set dedicated to the remarkable legacy of the Carpenters. Encompassing 20 Billboard Top 40 hits, including three No. 1s and five No. 2s, as well as fifteen Adult Contemporary No. 1s, the music of the beloved, three-time Grammy-winning brother-sister duo became a cornerstone of American popular song. Karen’s beautifully soulful voice, with a tinge of melancholy and incapable of a dishonest note, melded with Richard’s immaculate productions and arrangements to create music that’s every bit as rich today as it was decades ago.

Read more at https://theseconddisc.com/2017/10/voice-of-the-heart-carpenters-vinyl-box-set-due-in-november/

Les fans des Carpenters auront donc le bonheur d'être un peu plus proche de la musique de leurs idoles grâce à un nouveau coffret de vinyles ... les fans d'Olivia Newton-John ... ben heu comment dire ...




In honor of the 40th anniversary of "Saturday Night Fever," the official soundtrack will be re-released in deluxe edition on November 17th ... aussi !

Comforted by music she wrote to comfort others

Contributing Music Critic

OCTOBER 13, 2017

For decades, music was the vehicle Olivia Newton-John used to conquer the world. It allowed her to scale the pop charts, adorn movie screens and sell out arenas around the world. But in recent years, the multi-Grammy-winning vocalist searched for something different and deeper within the songs she sang. So, she enlisted a pair of established pals and sought a way to use music as a means of healing.

But to understand healing, you first had to understand loss. To that end, Newton-John was fully prepared.

“I lost my sister four years ago to a brain tumor,” she said. “It was very sudden and very shocking. Music has always been a way of healing. It was there for me when I went through breast cancer, which was another emotional time, and it was there when I wrote a song for my sister with my friend Amy Sky. I got such a strong response from friends and family. They asked if I had any more songs like that. That sparked an idea. ‘Why don’t we do an album, an uplifting album, but one dealing with those feelings we don’t always talk about.”

READ MORE AT http://www.kentucky.com/entertainment/music-news-reviews/article178662526.html



L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé !!

"Name of red And white wine found in Ontario liquor stores": Colin McMurray


Olivia Newton-John poses in Los Angeles, Calif., on Nov. 21. 1982. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)



Autre bonus d'une interview donnée en 1978 pour l'émission australienne Countdown !




ONJ en 1978 pour la premiere de GREASE en Australie !




vendredi 13 octobre 2017


L'album PHYSICAL tape ses 36 années ... !!
Sorti un 13 octobre 1981 l'album mythique d'Olivia Newton-John restera comme le plus emblématique de sa carrière ...
John Farrar à la production et Herb Ritts pour la pochette !!



Top of the Pops 1971 - Olivia Newton John -Banks Of The Ohio

jeudi 12 octobre 2017


Nos 3 drôles de dames reprennent du service pour la suite de la tournée LIV ON !

Un concept original emmenée brillamment  par 3 artistes si différentes ...
Ce soir elles sont au City Opera House de Traverse City !

Merci à Kay pour l'article !


Et c'est la "génialissime" AMY SKY qui répond à quelques questions du site mysuburbanlife.com !

Q&A: Musician Amy Sky to present night of healing with Olivia Newton-John

Liv On to be Oct. 14 at McAninch Arts Center

Q : I know that you've worked with Olivia Newton-John before. What do you like about working with her?

Sky: We have a really good time together. Second of all, we're very much on the same wave length musically. Not only have I written with her, but she's also encouraged me to produce. ... There are very few female producers out there, and I've loved doing that. It's a really good chance to learn a lot and experience a lot musically.

Q : Many artists have recorded your songs. Does it ever surprise you that artists would want to record one of your songs or that an artist would want to work with you?

Sky: I'm just so grateful. I started out my career writing for other people. Not that I didn't want to make my own CDs, but I just always wanted to do both. ... I just wanted to write songs, and I was just as happy for other people to sing them as if I was singing them myself. Every time someone reinterprets a song, it brings more meaning to it. ... The best songs have lots of people recording them.

Q : Are there any of your songs that you were particularly struck by what the artist did with it?

Sky: Yeah, lots of times. I did a Christmas record with Olivia Newton-John, and she did a cover of a song I wrote called "Angels In The Snow," which is just breathtaking. It's so moving. It's just so beautiful."

Read more at http://www.mysuburbanlife.com/2017/10/09/qa-musician-amy-sky-to-present-night-of-healing-with-olivia-newton-john/afzi872/


Lu et vu dans le dernier CLOSER américain .. l'amitié de John Travolta pour Olivia Newton-John .. mais pas que !

Un grand merci à Kay !


Olivia Newton-John attend the 29th Annual Grammy Awards on February 24, 1987 at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. / ONJ lors de la 29ème cérémonie des Grammy Awards le 24 fevrier 1987 !


mercredi 11 octobre 2017


ONJ Talking and falling about with Molly Meldrum.... et un big thank you to Mark A !


mardi 10 octobre 2017


World Music Awards 1992



Ou quand l'album INDIGO (2004) ressort du lot sur amazon.com en version "digital music" ..

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,771 Paid in Albums (See Top 100 Paid in Albums)
#2 in Digital Music > Albums > International > Australia & New Zealand
#5 in Digital Music > Albums > Pop > Soft Rock
#5 in Digital Music > Albums > Broadway & Vocalists > Traditional Vocal Pop