jeudi 3 novembre 2016

'I Owe A Lot to Country Music'

Très bonne interview par la journaliste du People Entertainment !
Olivia n'a pas manqué de rappeler qu'elle devait beaucoup à la Country Music !
Ce fut également l'une des premières artistes à mélanger la Country et la Pop musique et n' a eu de cesse d'y refaire quelques petites incursions durant sa longue carrière !

Olivia Newton-John talks mixing pop and country from the CMAs red carpet !

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This is what Olivia Newton John looks like now

For a certain generation, Olivia Newton is a living legend.

I am past that generation and will still worship her for role as Sandy in Grease. As children, that iconic film taught us expressions we'd never heard of and words we didn't understand the meaning of all through the gift of impossibly catchy song.

Then 30, Newton John never really reached the same heights of fame as the late '70s/early '80s and in recent years, although she still makes a still fortune thanks to royalties from Physical. Her name has never been far from the headlines though since 2010, when her boyfriend Patrick McDermott went missing and conspiracy theories continue to flourish.
But she made a rare red carpet appearance and gifted us with this outfit at the Country Music Awards.
Now 68, it's been nearly 40 years since Grease first graced the big screen and let's be honest, she looks incredible.

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