samedi 22 octobre 2016

ONJ et le KING

Quand Olivia Newton-John devait être présentée au King ELVIS après l'un de ses concerts .. celui-ci a du partir à cause d'une urgence .. RDV manqué !

Olivia Newton-John and the King (almost)

Olivia Newton-John reminisces about the day she met the King in Las Vegas, almost.

Neil McMahon

"Two weeks in Las Vegas," she said, as if she could hardly believe her ears. "And that's quite a hurdle. In two records it seems just unbelievable that I'll be working with Charlie Rich in Las Vegas. I mean, if I sit down and actually think about it I just giggle."

That was the music magazine Creme interviewing Olivia Newton-John in 1974 – just after her American breakthrough and on the eve of her debut in the show-business mecca, then the Vegas of Sinatra and Elvis and Streisand.

She laughs at the memory. "It was huge. I was terrified, I remember that. I remember I had my little white dress, my little white lace dress. It was very scary."

Perhaps even more intimidating, if incredibly flattering: the King himself was covering one of her early country hits – If You Love Me, Let Me Know. She was invited to see Elvis's show and to meet him afterwards.

"I went with Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber," Newton-John recalls. "I went backstage and Elvis was supposed to come and meet us. But something happened ... he had an emergency and he had to leave."

She mock-gasps at the memory. "It was one of those 'Almost!' moments."

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