vendredi 23 septembre 2016

60 minutes

60 Minutes features an interview with Olivia Newton-John, discussing her private heartaches surrounding daughter Chloe Lattanzi and missing partner Patrick McDermott.

Industry talk of an Olivia bio-drama for Seven, for which ONJ disapproves, has gone relatively quiet in recent months. However FilmVic did grant funding to FremantleMedia which suggests shooting in Victoria at some point. Rumours of Delta in the lead have also cooled.

She’s always been Australia’s sweetheart, but it’s easy to forget Olivia Newton-John is also the highest-selling Australian singer of all time. In her heyday Olivia was as popular as Taylor Swift and Britney Spears are today, with a phenomenal career built on a paradoxical mix of girl-next-door and sex siren. Remember Grease? And those skin-tight lycra leggings? Or the video of her hit song Physical that made young men go weak at the knees? Now, for the first time, Olivia reveals to Karl Stefanovic how she has coped with her own private heartache and tragedy, including her troubled daughter Chloe, as well as the disappearance of her former partner Patrick.
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producer: Gareth Harvey

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