mercredi 4 mai 2016

Review : Steve Real / NEVER TOO LATE

In the liner notes it says „Music is the language of the world“. After nearly 15 years of working as a back-up singer and vocal coach for Olivia, Steve Real debuts with his own „language“: an album called „Never too late“. This collection of songs delivers various musical influences, from Latin to Jazz, Funk and Soul, Rock and Pop. We all knew by know that Steve has a great vocal range, proving his solid vocal abilities through singing duets with Olivia or appearing along colleague Marlén Landin on various of Olivia’s recordings. To me „Never too late“ appears as a statement of a true and devoted Artist who sticks to what he does best: singing! The opener „Never too late“ reminds of Stevie Wonder accompanied with Incognito’s „Don’t you worry bout a thing“. A great and danceable number that reflects nothing but fun.

The duet „Thicker than water“ with his daughter Lauren Chanel is a catchy tune and may anticipate a career for another young girl singer in her own rights...

One of my highlights (we all gotta be honest bying this CD supporting Mr. Real, but we wanted to have the duet „Fulfilled“ with Olivia Newton-John, don’t we?) besides „Fulfilled“ is the heartfelt homage „Selfless Soul“. Not knowing Steve in person or having an idea who is meant with that tune you can feel it’s a woman very close to him getting musical dedication. Although liking the uptempo numbers on „Never too late“ very much I personally prefer the ballads this time. And when he raises his soulful voice in spanish on „Back to the beginning“ you can only guess that melancholy may take a bigger part in Real’s life. The album shows a balanced mixture between Popballads and Dance Popsongs with a light but intensive feel to them.

Looking back on ONJ’s „One Woman’s Live Journey“ CD, on which the Farnham Band appears, it’s now about the ONJ Band to play on Steve Real’s CD. All the household names are featured here: from Dane Bryant, Marlén Landin, Matt McKenzie, Warren Ham to Mark Beckett. Those are the people we know from Olivia’s concerts around the world. So it might've seemed obvious that Steve took the guys and worked the album out in Vegas, where the ONJ Band plays since 2014 at the famous Flamingo Hotel.

„Never too late“ was long expected and Steve Real didn’t disappoint his (ONJ) fans at all. It’s just never too late for good music. But indeed this music gets delivered by a damn good voice!

kay Bohlen

- Retro clipping

.. de 1978 .. ou quand la presse lui inventait des fantasmes ..

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