jeudi 24 mars 2016

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- Une petite histoire

Ou comment Davitt Sigerson, producteur entre autre des Bangles, a encouragé la chanteuse Susanna Hoffs à chanter nue dans le studio d'enregistrement .. avec la complicité d'Olivia Newton-John ! C'est aussi comme ça qu'est née la rumeur qu'ONJ avait aussi enregistrée une chanson dans le plus simple appareil  !


Mojo (UK) 22 Mar 2016

Finally, The Bangles’ Eternal Flame had reached the top of the US singles chart. The record’s producer, Davitt Sigerson, must have felt that the April Fool’s Day date was an apt one, for the song had seen him involved in an enterprising leg-pull.
During the recording sessions, he’d encouraged lead singer Susanna Hoffs to deliver her vocals in the nude. Recalls Sigerson, “Sue asked me, ‘Have you ever had anyone ever sing their vocals for you in the nude? ’ It was not, I promise you, said suggestively. Thinking quickly, my lame attempt at a joke was, Nobody. Except for Olivia [Newton-John] of course, but we all know what a wild one she is. To my surprise, Sue took my comment unfacetiously.

So I called Olivia, who loved it and promised that if she ran into Sue she’d back me up. When I saw Sue next, I confessed. Not that I really knew if she was nude or not because I had baffles set up to make a private vocal booth. The goal was for her to feel totally free – not on display.” New York-born Sigerson was well known to British journalists. After attending Oxford University, he’d spent most of the ’70s writing for music weeklies including Sounds and Melody Maker in the UK, returning home in ’79, where he became deeply involved in the music industry, releasing two solo albums for ZE Records. He also worked as a producer, which is how he established the Olivia NewtonJohn connection when he worked with her on 1988’s The Rumour. He recalls

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