vendredi 25 mars 2016


Une "étrange" compilation au demeurant fort sympathique verra le jour le 22 avril : "French Kiss" contenant 14 titres interprétés en français par des artistes anglophones .. et pas des moindres : Elton John, Abba, Eurythmics, Grace Jones, David Bowie, Blondie et .. Olivia Newton-John qui s'est amusée a reprendre son tube I Honestly Love You dans la langue de Molière !

La compilation FRENCH KISS est en précommande sur et sort donc le 22 avril au Canada ..
La maison de production amusic se trouve à Montréal !

French Kiss – compilation

Disponible en magasin dès le 22 avril

Ever since the early days of pop music back a great number of musical artists from both sides of the Atlantic have encountered success in foreign territories. If most artists were relying on the english singing language to conquer the world, some established singers and musical groups were taking advantage of the array of cultures throughout the world to create new opportunities for themselves by adopting the native language of a specific market in their songs. Amongst the most lucrative and prestigious markets were certainly the francophone territories including France, Belgium, Luxembourg and French-speaking Switzerland and French Canada. Through the years, quite a large number of singing sensations have recorded material in french as part of their musical repertoire, which further emphasized their integration in the francophone market and culture.

From Abba to David Bowie, Eurythmics to Rufus Wainwright, Olivia Newton-John to Grace Jones,and Daniel Lanois to Elton John, French Kiss presents through an exclusive music compilation some of those rare gems and hidden treasures in pop music history.

French Kiss; 14 songs – 50 minutes of musical discoveries and memories which promise to be a treat to the heart of music lovers all over the world.

Track listing :

Waterloo - Abba
Vous les femmes - Julio Igleias
Mon amour, mon impossible amour -  Olivia Newton John
La vie en rose -  Grace Jones
j’veux de la tendresse - Elton John
Heroes - David Bowie
Sunday Girl - Blondie
Diamond Sun - Glass Tiger
Tous les garçons et le filles - Eurythmics
Jolie Louise - Daniel Lanois
Embrasse-moi - Sam Roberts
Quand je pense à toi - Chris de Burg
La complainte de la butte -  Rufus Wainwright
Avec le temps -  Belinda Carlisle

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