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L'émission du jour c'était celle d'Olivia Newton-John invité de la matinale américaine de TODAY en différée de LAS VEGAS !
Malheureusement on lui pose toujours un peu les mêmes questions .. mais Olivia s'acquitte toujours de cette "lourde" tache avec panache et simplicité !

Au menu : Qu'est ce que pourrait faire Sandy de nos jours ? sa 3ème année de résidence au Flamingo Hotel et son plaisir de chanter ses tubes, et bien sur sa collaboration artistique avec sa fille Chloe ..

Olivia Newton-John: ‘I Never Tire’ of Singing My Hits | TODAY

Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Jenna Bush Hager are joined in Las Vegas by Olivia Newton-John, now in the third year of her residency at the Flamingo Hotel. She speculates about what her “Grease” character Sandy might be up to now, and talks about how much she enjoys working with her talented daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi.


- L'interview du jour

Celui accordé au journaliste Robin Leach du LasVegasSun 

On retiendra qu'elle donnera quelques concerts en Amérique du Sud  .... 5 pays annoncés .. après le Brésil et le Chili .. reste l'Argentine, le Pérou et l'Equateur !

It’s one of the most glittering social events of the Las Vegas season, and this year’s Woman of the Year salute by Nevada Ballet Theatre at its annual Black & White Ball to Flamingo headliner singer Olivia Newton-John will be a friendly Australian party.

I have Marie Osmond making the introduction,” Olivia told me. “We are friends going back for so long. She said an immediate yes when I asked her. But let’s remember we’re both in the same showroom at the Flamingo.
Then my longtime friends from Down Under Human Nature will be doing the singing. I get the night off !

I talked with Olivia on Wednesday ahead of Saturday’s celebration at Wynn Las Vegas.

When you heard about the salute to you, did it take you back in time to when you were a little girl and wanted to be a ballet dancer like every other little girl in the world ?

You know, Robin, I never wanted to be a ballet dancer. My dreams were more about music. I wasn’t very good at math at school. I thought I could be a veterinarian! I wasn’t very coordinated as a little girl.

When I was about 15, one of my best friends was a ballet teacher, and she started me in the basics of entertainment. I sang, she was a dancer, and I would copy her, so that’s how I learned to dance, but I was never trained.

How long did you play around with movement ?

When my career started, I began doing videos, and it all led up to “Grease” and “Xanadu.” Luckily, Pat Birch was an amazing choreographer. She would make the movements work with you the way you move naturally. Then I started doing modern-dance classes when we were doing the movie.

I think we had one every day, so I was going quite regularly then. I learned to tap dance, that was a great experience, I danced with Gene Kelly. It was like rehearsing on “Dancing With the Stars.” You learn that routine over and over for months, and that’s what we did.

Do you think of yourself as a stranger to ballet ?

I am. I’ve never trained at ballet. I think that I’m pretty strange at it. My sister Rona was a ballet dancer, actually, but I never pursued it. I love it, and I have great, great respect for dancers, probably more than any other part of this profession, because they work the hardest and up until recently they got the least respect.

Now I think they’re getting the respect they deserve with a lot of the dance shows that are on. For many years, it wasn’t like that.

Your friend Marie Osmond is handling the introductions for Saturday’s function ?

I’m very fond of Marie, and she’s such a talented girl and so hard-working. We share a lot in common. We’ve both worked since we were very young, and I love her, so I’m very happy that she’s going to do that for me.

Was it also your choice to have Human Nature sing at the Black & White Ball ?

Yes. I asked if they’d be available because that would be perfect, and they’re all friends of mine. It’s an Aussie kind of night.

Tell the ladies if you’ve decided on black or white — or both for the gala !

I’ll be wearing a black dress. It’s all going to be a very glamorous evening. The sponsors, Cartier, are going to loan me some of their very beautiful jewelry, so I’m very excited for that, too.

So you will probably have more than a million dollars draped around your neck and a security guard right there on your arm !

I know ! I’ll be queen for a night, then they take it away. He takes it right back into the vault.

You’re busy planning a tour through South America during a break from the Strip ?

I’m doing a tour there in March. I’m doing five countries: Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. But you have me here through the end of the year at the Flamingo.

I’m loving Las Vegas. I really am enjoying it. I’m really enjoying the community. Las Vegas is really beautiful. People think that it’s just the Strip, but there’s much more to it, as you know, because you’ve been here many years. There are such lovely people here, and there are always people coming through.

I’ve seen more of my friends since I’ve lived in Las Vegas than I did at home in Australia or England. They always seem to forget that we’re here working and not playing like they are here.

Congratulations on the honor. It’s an absolutely unbelievably glamorous night. You will enjoy every moment of it, and maybe it will make you want to go back to ballet dancing?

Maybe. Maybe I can get some free lessons!

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” fame has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past 15 years giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

ONJ et Marie Osmond.

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