jeudi 10 décembre 2015

C pas moi qui l'ai dit !

Sally Hershberger "HairStylist" de renommée ne tari jamais d'éloges sur Olivia Newton-John à travers ses interviews !
La dame a commencé sa carrière aux cotés de Herb Ritts .. le même qui s'est occupé d'ONJ en 1981 pour son album PHYSICAL .. puis ONJ contente de son nouveau look a donc embarqué Sally dans les tourmentes d'une tournée US !

Et ONJ en 1981 .. c'était THE mega star !

SH : So I worked for a famous hairdresser, met Olivia Newton-John from Grease, she was like Madonna– huge – the biggest rock star and gorgeous, worked with a photographer who did all the Vogue and Vanity Fair covers, and I’m like 'this is fun'.
I’m touring with Olivia Newton-John, flying on her private jet, going from city to city, playing tennis in the day and then I’d just fluff her hair!'

And in the 80s they paid you a lot of money. It was very decadent. You’d fly on choppers and private jets all the time.

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