mardi 20 octobre 2015


GREASE a toujours été l'un des films musicaux favoris de l'actrice/chanteuse Julianne Hough. Olivia Newton-John et les autres héros de ce "classique du genre" ont inspirés cette jolie blonde pour devenir l'artiste qu'elle est devenue !
Elle a été choisie pour reprendre le rôle de SANDY dans la version live de GREASE sur la chaîne TV Fox le 31 janvier 2016 .. elle a du passer quelques moments surréalistes aux cotés d'Olivia Newton-John désarmante de gentillesse  et de simplicité !!

That Time the New Sandy Met the Original and Totally Freaked Out

Julianne Hough has met a lot of stars during her tenure on Dancing With the Stars, but even she couldn't handle meeting Olivia Newton-John. Hough is playing Sandy in Fox's upcoming live version of Grease, so meeting the woman who played her in the 1978 musical must have been pretty surreal. Newton-John turned up to help judge Dancing With the Stars this week, a totally fitting challenge, since the theme was about iconic movie and music video dances.

Take a look at all the pictures of Hough and Newton-John, and let's all hope the original Sandy gets a cameo in the reboot !

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Julianne Hough : My favorite moment on Dancing With The Stars last night was… hmmmmm let me think about it… what could it be?? OH YEAH — OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN (AHHHHHHH!) I was incredibly honored to sit next to Olivia (can I call her Olivia?) at the judges table.

Grease has been my favorite musical since always! It actually inspired me to become an entertainer. I’m still pinching myself over the fact that I have the opportunity to play Sandy in Grease Live on Fox on January 31.

You can imagine how surreal it was sitting beside her. I’ll always remember last night!

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