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Le Tweet du jour sera celui de l'association VECCI qui avait reçu Olivia Newton-John pour un petit déjeuner en début de semaine ..

ONJ a conseillé aux 500 convives de vivre dans l'instant et de rester positif ! ( mouais .. pas toujours facile !! )

This week @olivianj advised our 500 guests to live in the moment and be positive: #VECCIWIB

Olivia Newton-John: a beacon of positivity for women in business

Live in the moment and focus on the positive was Olivia Newton-John’s advice to more than 500 guests at our Women in Business breakfast earlier this week.

Speaking about wellness at work and play, Olivia gave an honest insight into how wellness philosophies have helped her to achieve success in her career and personal life and how you can incorporate some of her learnings into your own career and everyday life.

“What you think is as important as what you do.”

Starting with the basics, Olivia highlighted that exercising and eating well is vital for her wellbeing. She then went on to emphasise the power of thinking positively as much as you can when it comes to wellness. Admitting that it is difficult to adhere to each of these practices every day (particularly with a busy work schedule), having a positive outlook during her treatment for breast cancer particularly helped her throughout her journey.

Your physical space encourages wellbeing

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre at the Austin Hospital offers services and activities that nurture mental and spiritual wellbeing as well as physical health. Activities such as massage, art and music therapies and group therapy are offered in conjunction with comprehensive cancer treatments and medical research. Olivia described the model of the Wellness Centre: “Rather than put the body through the stress of radiation and chemotherapy [the centre works to] boost the body … to fight the cancer.”

The building itself also follows wellness philosophies. “I wanted to make it comfortable and beautiful inside so it wouldn’t feel like a hospital,” Olivia said. “Light is important, fresh air is important, colours that make you feel good and comfortable and relaxed are important and that’s all been taken care of.”

These elements can be incorporated into workplaces through good office design, promotion of wellbeing initiatives that can be as simple as taking a lunch hour walk and encouraging colleagues to talk to each other.

The importance of having a purpose in what you do

In a hugely varied career with multiple interests, Olivia finds ways to connect each aspect of her career and businesses through having a core purpose that inspires you: “Having a purpose is one of the most important things for your body and your brain, to get up and to keep going.” She demonstrates this philosophy by donating a portion of her live show tickets to the Wellness centre. “Every time I step out on stage I know that there’s a reason, it’s not just for me … and the audience feel great because they’re contributing,” she said.

Similarly, Olivia’s husband John also brings this philosophy into his herbs business, which contributes to the development and supports the land rights of the indigenous communities along the Amazon where he works.

When it comes to a business idea, you can start with a vision and see where it takes you

On starting her spa and wellness retreat with business partner and friend, Greg Cave, Olivia noted that they didn’t really know what they were doing. “We jumped in. We just had this vision of what we wanted it to be. We wanted it to be somewhere we wanted to go, somewhere our friends would like to go. So we started with that and a very small budget … and we turned it into Gaia and we’re now an award winning spa.”

Along with a positive frame of mind, embracing challenges has also been a fundamental part of Olivia’s career success. “Every time I’ve been challenged it’s always been worth it,” she said. “The things that you’re most afraid of are the things that will usually work for you.”

Olivia will be taking part in The Wellness Walk and Ivanhoe Street Party on Sunday 4 October 2015 to raise funds for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre. To take part or donate, visit The Wellness Walk website.

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