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Le DVD TWO STRONG HEARTS LIVE est sorti aujourd'hui en Australie !!

Two Strong Hearts | Channel Nine
Please tune into Channel 9 on Sunday evening after 60 Minutes to see the ‘Two Strong Hearts’ concert special hosted by Richard Wilkins.
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Et c'est également aujourd'hui que le MP3 de YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE est disponible à télécharger ... iTunes ou amazon vous avez le choix et ce sur toutes les plateformes ....


- Las Vegas

On Wednesday night about 10:30, Olivia Newton-John made her way through a thicket of well wishers to Susan Anton, and both said, nearly in unison, “It’s great to see you.”

The scene was the latest Composers Showcase of Las Vegas at Cabaret Jazz in the Smith Center for the Performing Arts. Anton was in the room to sing an original composition — and they are all original compositions at the Showcase — written by Jeffrey Neiman.

Long a Las Vegas favorite, the 5-foot-11-inch Anton took the stage and looked down at a microphone set for someone 5-foot-2. She smiled and said, “I used to date someone this tall.”

Oh, Dudley.

Anton then sang, to beautiful effect, Neiman’s original, “How Long Is a Lifetime.”

ONJ, the acronym bestowed upon Newton-John for decades, was present to support her backing singer and duet partner Steve Real and his daughter, Lauren Chanel. A featured performer at Newton-John’s “Summer Nights” production at Flamingo Las Vegas and nervous as any proud parent, Real introduced Chanel, who sang one of his originals, “For Yesterday.”


Mercredi dernier, Olivia Newton-John a été vue au Smith Center de Las Vegas.
Elle était venue encourager son choriste Steve Real et sa fille Lauren Chanel dans le cadre d'un special "Composers Showcase of Las Vegas". Elle en a profité pour prodiguer quelques souhaits à la très grande (1m80) actrice chanteuse américaine Susan Anton venue elle aussi chanter ce mercredi ...

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