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By Robin Leach (contact)
Friday, Aug. 7, 2015 | 6 a.m.

Australian pop princess and Flamingo headliner Olivia Newton-John is here this weekend for the 35th anniversary of “Xanadu.” With gorgeous daughter Chloe Lattanzi, the duo will premiere their first music-video collaboration, “You Have to Believe,” at Share Nightclub on Saturday.

Their dance single is inspired by Olivia’s No. 1 hit “Magic” from the movie, and Chloe rewrote the verse of the chorus. They filmed their music video at Share earlier this year. Share is being transformed into a modern-day Xanadu.

The video, available on iTunes on Tuesday, features Las Vegas entertainers from Chippendales, “Jubilee,” “Legends in Concert” and “Divas Las Vegas,” along with tribute artists, and they’re attend the midnight party for the premiere. We’ll have coverage on Monday.

Olivia Newton-John And Daughter Chloe Celebrate 35th Anniversary of ‘Xanadu’ With New Collaboration

The movie Xanadu has developed a cult following among the gays since its initial theatrical run back in 1980. Although the musical was widely-panned upon its release, the film has been “Suspended in Time” so to speak, and has enjoyed a long shelf life thanks in large part to fans who are hopelessly devoted to Olivia Newton-John.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Xanadu, Olivia and her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, will be unveiling a music video collaboration on Saturday, August 8 — the actual day the musical fantasy was released in movie theaters in 1980. 

The video is for their new dance single “You Have to Believe.” The track draws inspiration from Newton-John’s #1 hit “Magic” with new verses written by Chloe while Olivia sings the familiar chorus, “You have to believe we are magic…”

ONJ_Chloe_ShareThis marks the first video collaboration between mother and daughter, and the project, as well as the timing, could not have been more appropriate. Fun fact: Olivia met Chloe’s father, Matt Lattanzi, on set during the filming of Xanadu when he performed as a dancer in several musical numbers.

The premiere for the music video will be held at Share Nightclub in Las Vegas, which also served as the video’s filming location.
The venue will be transformed into a modern-day Xanadu for the event on Saturday, as well as feature the song’s producer Dave Audé as DJ.

While we wait for the release of “You Have to Believe” and get ready to celebrate the anniversary of the movie that combined roller skating, Greek mythology, Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John into one spectacular musical, watch this video montage of Xanadu’s closing number.

ON: AUG 7, 2015

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