mercredi 12 août 2015


C'est au tour de la nouvelle star de la R'N'B dance anglaise d'embrasser le look de la légendaire Sandy 2 de GREASE pour un shooting bien particulier  ! 
Ella Eyre n'est pas encore très connue chez nous mais sa voix chaleureuse digne d'une Amy Winehouse et son style hors du commun devrait  convaincre plus d'un Frenchy !

Ella : "J'adore danser et Grease toujours été un film emblématique, de sorte qu'il était amusant de se laisser aller et d' être coiffé de la même manière que ma scène préférée. Je n'ai pas souvent l'occasion de mettre mes cheveux en place comme ça mais j'ai adoré le faire, c'est toujours intéressant de se voir d'une manière différente et inattendue."

Ella Eyre channels Sandy from Grease

She's known for her stand-out style, big hair and even bigger voice.

But in a new shoot, Ella Eyre channels sultry seventies movie siren, Sandy from Grease, as she re-creates her favourite movement inspired film scene dressed head to toe in the iconic tight, black, leather look.

With her trademark locks pinned back and a slick of red lipstick, Ella assumes the role of Sandy, dancing her way through the photoshoot to create the stylised shots replicating Olivia Newton-John's memorable moves.

Commenting at the shoot, Ella says, "I love to dance and Grease was always an iconic movie for me growing up, so it was fun for me to let loose and be styled in the same way as my favourite scene. I never usually have my hair put up like that and I loved it, it's always interesting to see yourself in a different and unexpected way.

"My performances are always high energy and I always rely on Sure to keep me dry, fresh and protected as it responds to my movement. I can't wait to get the crowd going as I host the first ever movement activated gig with Sure, giving more as the crowd reacts."

The singer turns model as she partners with leading antiperspirant brand Sure to host the world's first movement activated gig, meaning the more the audience moves, the more Ella's performance will build, changing from soulful sounds to a full-scale, show stopping and high energy set.

he movement activated performance takes inspiration from Sure with Motionsense technology, the world's first antiperspirant technology that is activated directly by movement, so the more you move, the more it protects.

Claudio Bellen, Sure brand Manager, says, "As an energetic performer and brand fan, Ella is the perfect fit for the launch of our movement activated gig where the crowd can stay fresh with every dance move as Sure responds to body movement, releasing bursts of freshness all night long.'

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