mercredi 20 mai 2015

European Cliff Tour Book

Dans la série des scans de notre cher et tendre ami Kay voici ceux d'un programme européen (allemand pour le coup) concernant sir Cliff Richard .. datant de 1980 !
On remarquera le poster d'ONJ au mur de son petit salon ... Come On Over !

En introduction Cliff mentionnait oh combien il aimait enregistrer des duos avec ONJ !

Dear my special Livvy Friends.

Today I share with you the scans of this indeed rare european Tourbook. Nice Cliff had an ONJ photo on his wall way back in 1980 :-)
In the german Introduction he remarks how much he loved recording with Olivia and that she is a dear friend to him !! He briefly mentions "Hollywood Nights", "Suddenly" and the "Midnight Special". Oh, he is so fond of Olivia- just great !!!

Un grand merci à Kay

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